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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by woodycrest, Oct 3, 2003.

  1. woodycrest

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    THis is the other course i look after. This course was built in 1925 buy our Cottagers Association

    other 9-1.jpg
  2. woodycrest

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    And another...

    My garage is in the background, so getting to work is no problem..

    other 9-2.jpg
  3. woodycrest

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    the first green...

  4. woodycrest

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    This course has never seen synthetic fertilizer, or any fertilizer for that matter. I used cracked corn on the greens this year.

    This course is also at the mercy of the weather, it got badly dried out this summer...All of the pics i posted are from late June.

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    Looks good woody.

    Are the greens the same grass as the rest?

    What grass you got there? A bluegrass blend or _____?
  6. woodycrest

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    THe greens here were originally just the same grass as the rest of the course...which is whatever was planted when the course was built. i think it is a bluegrass blend. I overseeded th greens with highland bent over the snow in march of 2001. Surprised me that it actually grew. THe greens suffered thru a couple of really hot summers and were quite pathetic. I fertilized with corn this season, and got some great results. I overseeded with more bent the first of september. We'll see how they look in the spring. I expect the bent will take over, as it has already on one of the greens.

    Before i started looking after the course it was all cut with a big, very heavy Kubota mower, greens and all. It was frequently scalped , and was cut very short all season. It was seldom cut thru mid september to early may. THe grass would be 8-10'' tall by the first cut in the spring. So the first cut would be from very tall to very short. Huge clumps of grass everywhere, and often required raking to get the clumps off. The turf was getting worse every season.

    THe turf has improved tremendously from consistent mowing and actually has less weeds than the other course which has had weed and feed sprayed on it year after year. This demonstrates how much turf can improve just from consistent mowing and no fertilization or weed control.

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