the perfect dealer in nc

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    just wanted to let everyone know that is a first class dealership for once.
    the place is forsyth mower works in winston-salem, i have been around all the other shops and they all act you owe them something, and forget fast service. I went in there shop and nobody new me from adam and the they were all nice went out of their way to help me and they had the parts in stock and were cheaper. they got my mower out in 1hr. this shop is got to the nicest store i have every been in they have it all perfect parking, drive up to the shop, carhartt!!!!!!!, i am just glad to have someone like this in our area, they also had some great dills on exmark and bob-cat, to bad i allready bought this year. when i go in the shop where i bought it the they want even say hay. well you guys go check this place out.:walking: *trucewhiteflag* :usflag: :cool2:

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