The pettiness of neighbors

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by hi_speedreed, May 24, 2013.

  1. hi_speedreed

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    I get a kick out of how petty neighbors can be with each other. On one street I do three houses in a row, 323-325-327. The line between 321 and 323 is a fence. I trim one side and the owner of 321 trims the other. There is no fence between 327 and 329. Every time I show up to service, the owner of 329 comes out and fires up her mower. I made a pass down the line. There is no marker.

    This week I show up and in the front yard there is a strip about 2" wide and about 8' long that is about a foot tall. I guess I didn't cut over far enough last week :laugh: I wish I would have taken a picture. I didn't notice before I left because she cuts the back first and I am gone before she gets to the front.
  2. zackvbra

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    just be glad they aren't scaplers. one yard I do, the guy next to it cuts it on the lowest setting, and makes like 5 passes in to the yard I cut. makes mine look like sh!t
  3. greendoctor

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    Or sprayers. A lot of people possessing chemicals are ignorant or willfully disobedient of the regulations concerning drift and chemical trespass.
  4. Caddyshack Lawn Care

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    I've had people in the past who came over to tell me to absolutely not go one inch over the property line. How much do you have to hate your neighbors to be that petty with their lawn guy? I don't have trouble with the lawns I have now but there is one thing that irritates me a little even though it shouldn't. On the island between the street and the sidewalk...if the neighbor's share is only several feet I go ahead and mow the whole thing. It looks goofy to leave half of it undone. But I've got a handful of neighbors who never mow it, instead relying on me to mow and edge it every time. I know, it's childish for that to bother me. But it does.
  5. shovelracer

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    I'll be damned if we are going to mow an inch over a property line. Our situation is usually the opposite of most. The neighbor realizes that our customer has a service and all of a sudden the property line jumps 10, 20, 30 feet. All of a sudden the neighbors overhanging, root exposed crab apples are on my customer property or mailbox 3 foot on the neighbors side is our problem. More often than not though it is another mow n go company that is to blame or the neighbor instructing their company such to save a few bucks, and every once in a while a lazy neighbor. In both cases they'll be the types of houses that let the weeds go 3' tall in the beds each summer. We maintain to the property line and not an inch over whether it be leaves, mowing, snow, whatever. Every minute of our day needs to be accounted for and I want no part of damage claims, broken sprinkler heads, or lost time because of this BS. It looks like garbage not my problem it's not my customers yard. No customer of mine has ever challenged that. On the other hand I frequently find my self cleaning in front of my own neighbors house because he's usually too drunk to even mow his lawn and if no one cleans the rain gutter than all the water jumps into my property and causes me some issues.
  6. pseudosun

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    I'll never be able to relate to the mindset of 329. That job is a small fraction of the work load, but in her mind, you're out to get her. Yeah, she'll show you. Maybe you could come up with something creative next time. Put decorations in that one foot of grass, and tell her to leave it alone.
  7. 94gt331

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    I had a neighbor do the same as 329 once, i was pissed in my head thinking how childish and imature they were for leaving 1 strip of grass there as if to prove a point to my customer that I sucked at my job or something.
  8. Above Par Lawns

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    I had a lady telling me to give her a free herbicide application because, "she wouldn't have weeds in her yard if it wasn't for me mowing over my clients dandelions and the seeds blowing over." I smiled, handed her a business card and told her it would be $65.
  9. weeze

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    if they leave a 2" strip i just mow it. if they leave a 2' wide strip i just leave it there to grow and never move over a single inch. once they see you aren't gonna cut it they will mow it themselves. i think they think they are getting you to cut part of their yard for free like a few inches really makes a big difference. :laugh:

    i have one where the property lines are clearly marked with stakes in the ground. one cut the neighbor stops mowing 2' on his side of the stake and the next time he's 2' over on my customers side of the stake. still other times he does it right and mows right up to the stake. i dont' understand to be honest. i never mow past the stake. if it's clearly marked then never go past that mark no matter what they do.

    some of them can't even make a straight line. it will look like an S where the property lines meet.

    i just straighten it out for them. :laugh:
  10. herler

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    I get those, too...
    Leaving entire areas uncut but it's clearly on their side.
    I kind of understand why, with one it's their property but on the other side of their fence.
    Since its two passes for me I just cut it.
    vrooom-vrooom, done.

    Couple others like to take a swath out of yards I do, too...
    I used to care, now I don't.
    Less work for me, thank you now.

    So long they don't start taking 4 feet one week, 10 the next and so on...
    Had those, too.

    Seems like every year, I could care less, and less.

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