The pettiness of neighbors

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by hi_speedreed, May 24, 2013.

  1. weeze

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    yes exactly right.

    i can't help but think to myself every day about how weird life is. it's funny the kinds of things that bother people every day. none of it really matters or means anything.
  2. milo

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    I cannot stand neighbors... I feel they piss and moan because they don't have the money to have there lawn cut and to much time on there hands... two examples, I mow a lawn, I cant get into the back yard unless I cut thru the neighbors lawn, he don't mind that I do this BUT his neighbor I go like right down the property line for like 5 feet complains. I don't think I even go into there yard at all but they piss and moan to my customer that I should not do that.. next I cut a church in town, no parking anywhere in area. I pull up onto the side walk and in there like 15 to 20 minutes total once a week. YES im in the wrong but im there for suck a little time and its for a church but just the other day don't a neighbor to that house come out and start saying something about it. she was nice about it but I tried to piss her off then :weightlifter:.. yea cant stand them, I have about 8 great stories about neighbors but not all day to type:drinkup:
  3. OakNut

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    I had a customer come out as I was near finished with her lawn. I shut the mower down to see what she needed.
    She rolled her eyes and asked that I not park in front of Mr. Johnson's house (directly across from her house) - that he had called to complain.

    I apologized, asking if I was in someone's parking spot. "No", she said, "They park in the driveway - he just likes to complain about things."
    "No problem", I told her. I can park in front of the next house next time.

    As I'm loading my mower onto the trailer, Mr. Johnson came out, so I waved with a smile. "Hi, I'll park in front of the next house the next time I come to mow", I said as he approached.
    "Oh, OK, she told you? Good."
    "Why do you need to park in front of my house anyway?", he continued.
    "If you're mowing at her house, why do you need to park in front of my house?"

    "Well, I'd be in my own way if I parked over there", I replied. "If I were mowing YOUR lawn, I certainly wouldn't park in front of it because I couldn't cut it properly if I did."

    He just looked at me with a blank stare and I realized his peanut brain couldn't grasp the concept, so I waved and said "Have a good day!"

    The guy is probably on blood pressure meds if something like a clean, lettered truck, and trailer parked in front of his house for 45 minutes is that upsetting to him.
  4. rdwittmann

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    I had a neighbor call the cops on me because I "blew leaves into the yard". He ended up spending a couple of days in the mental ward for observation after he accused the cop of driving in his yard. LOL.
  5. hi_speedreed

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    Oaknut - I know the type. They would complain if their ice cream was cold. They are never happy and find no joy in life. I figure they get some sort of satisfaction from complaining. I can only imagine the life their spouse has lived.
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  6. Grant11

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    One of my customers and his neighbor don't get along. His neighbor came out and yelled at me for cutting on his property, I was no more than 2" on his side. I was nice to him and then he told me he's been considering having me mow his lawn. When he asked me if I could cut his yard I asked him "Is the property line I'm not supposed to cut invalid if I cut your lawn too?" :laugh:
    ended up cutting both yards and don't get involved between them
  7. pseudosun

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    It's amazing how we've been in the business for a while, but a neighbor glancing through a window thinks that you may not be smart enough to park in front of the yard you're cutting. Still parking across the street, one house down has to burn him a little bit. Oh yeah, i've seen the blank stare. One neighbor tries to get my attention when it's blow time. He doesn't like it, and tries to demonstrate, or get me to follow his lead by sweeping into a dust pan. He waits until i look at him, and then he'll sweep into the pan. Ofcourse, i don't acknowledge him, and do my thing. I like the ones that have to leave the same time you are cutting and try to make eye contact for some reason. I always manage to make a turn, or position myself so i don't give them the satisfaction. Some of them time it just right. They're idling and creeping down the drive way, and when you make the turn to come back, it's their chance to make eye contact, and they zip down the driveway.
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  8. rdwittmann

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    I look at it as if it were a tree. If the branches are growing over the property line, you have the right to trim them back to the property line. I just edge the driveway and make my customer happy.
  9. gcbailey

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    I've got a situation just like that, however another LCO cuts the yard. I can't count the number of times there's been a 100' strip probably 1"-2" wide going down the entire border.
  10. weeze

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    true but that's not the problem. the problem is the guy cutting the lawn next to you should be doing the edging of the curb. so i'm spending more time and more work and not getting paid any extra for it. i'm basically doing part of that guy's job for him since he doesn't bother to edge the curb.

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