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    Every good businessman/woman (no matter what service or product they provided) should always have a systematically based philosophy or set of rules behind him/her that will support the long term growth and survival of his/her business. Here are a few rules that are as old as the hills and have proven themselves to be most effective:

    1. Follow Trend - Go with the Flow
    2. Ride Winners - Keep what Works
    3. Cut Losses - Discard what is Useless
    4. Manage Risk - Minimize Possiblity of Loss
    5. Embrace Simplicity - Keep it Simple

    As simple as these rules appear, why do so many people have a hard time following them? Because we believe that things are, and sometimes want them to be, more complicated than they really are. I suspect that business and personal relationships can become somewhat easier if we just let it....perhaps by sticking to a few simple rules. Everything else is trivial in comparison.

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    I once herd a man say " he really didn't care, if a customer ever came back to his place of business, and bought anything"

    if you can figure out why, and who said this, you win a wooden nickle.

    and yes, it made perfect sence to me ..........
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    I'd add "Do what you do well."

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