The physical nature of this work is therapeutic

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Bassman, Feb 7, 2001.

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    I love the feeling after a hard days work in this business because of the physical effort. I don't know exactly what it is but the closest feeling I can relate to is when I used to have a really great work out weightlifting. I think I've read where something called endmorphine's are released into the brain after extended physical exertion. It's a pretty good natural high. I guess men were not intended to sit around and do nothing or something. During the off season there are days that I have nothing to do and my body shuts down as far as energy goes. I have my yearly accts. that are walk thru's on my Lazer, mulching debris and picking up and so forth. However, I picked up some good physical work from an ad I placed in the local paper and along with my yearly's had to get my rear end in gear and kick ass for a day or two. I felt great at the end of the day. "Like in season". The rainy season can't get here fast enough for me. Anyone else feel that way? I had a prior business that was mostly desk work and standing around. I made good money but I felt like I was standing in quicksand all day. I love the feeling at the end of the day after putting in the physical exertion.
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    I'm also in South Florida (more Central really) and there are days when I come home with the endorphin induced rush of extended physical exertion like you described. There are also days when I come home tired and worn out as hell, cranky and in a bad mood from customers that are a pain. Some good days, some bad. I assume the key to suceeding at this biz is to maximized the "good days" and minimize the "bad days."
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    florida oh Florida I wish I were Back Where Ya'll are.
    I used to live in south Fla. But you are right nothing
    like putting in a hard day that is hard and also getting some great wages for it.
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    I think the best feeling comes from working for YOURSELF and not for someone else. After a long day I'm tired but I do get a good feeling of accomlishment.
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    Must be a florida thing.

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    I agree and love it though I much prefer spring
    and fall to hot summer.One thing though If you
    use riding equip.I would advise 15 set ups and
    touching your toes 15 times.I know you work
    hard but a bad back is unforgiving and can
    sure ----- a good mans game.THESE SIMPLE
    By the way if you are still using walk behinds
    That is a excellent conditioner in itself.
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    Awm,you are tight about stetching your back.If mine doesnt get better soon,Im going to give up the dixie and get a wb,even if it takes longer.A rider punishes your back,especailly on short wheelbase ZTR's,that buck back and forth a lot by nature.
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    Good one kutnkru. LOL. Hey, you have to live somewhere, why not where you get 300 plus days of sunshine. (Hence the name "sunshine state")LOL. If I had a rider I couldn't imagine how porky I would be! My w/b's are the only real exercise I get, besides I think they are a little better on hills. Enough said, I don't want to start any arguements.
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    I dont think that the Floridians would like a fast talking, tequilla ponding, yankee down there. But thanks for the invite. I might try to schedule a vac there at some point in my life. Have traveled the country extensively, but the closest I got to FL was GA.

    Its good to see people with a sense of humor though.LOL
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    Yeah I get that same feeling after I drink a Mountain Dew(20oz bottle) and get a good burp afterwards.

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