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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by rtreehntr, Mar 28, 2006.

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    Last fall one of my clients took down a 18' circular pool themselves. So here is the problem. They want me to renew there lawn where the pool was. Under the pool was at least 3" of sand in the middle and 6" of sand on the outside perimeter. I don't have the big equipment:weightlifter: to remove the sand and move the topsoil around the circle. Will grass grow there if i just fill to the lawn level with topsoil and maybe a organic blend for a topcoat? Or do i have to take all the sand out and then refill?
    This really is a big job for a one man operation without the right equipment, but I'm afraid if i say i can't do the job it will be done by another lawncare company with the potential of me loosing the account. Anyone ever run into the problem of the sand left by a pool? An if so what could be done the easy way?

    Thanks Rick
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    not quite your situation, but a lady had her GIANT(30,000 gallons) above ground pool moved to a sunnier spot. then she mowed over the sand with her lawn tractor(killing two spindles) to spread the sand out. THEN used a leaf blower to disperse the sand out even more. the lawn grew over it, but there was sand everywhere, got into the mower, caused premature wear, convinced thats what killed my other tractor.
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    I'm sure rubbing through sand will cause it to get into places it shoudn't. Every year for the last three years I have spread a pickup truck load of sand on my yard. I fill in any low spots with sand. If you can get at least3 or 4 inches of topsoil on it, I think it will be ok. Think about the Florida lawns. Mostly sand down there. Just my 2 cents.
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    a topdress of topsoil and you should be fine.

    Remember, sand drains well, so you'll need to water more.
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    I have to do a bid on the same thing. But mine has vermiculite under six inches of sand. I can use my friends Termite to do the job. Is the vermiculite a problem?

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