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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by musselman, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. musselman

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    I love my walker, I actually just purchased another, and my company relies on this mower for about everything. However Im pissed at them right now. My 2001 walker with a 26hp efi just lost the fuel pump, should be an easy fix right? No I was just informed that the vendor who made this part for Kohler no longer exsists and that I will have to purchase 18, yes 18 new parts, to fix a small easy fix. WHAT, it seems that Walker would stand behind thier equipment and fix this problem or at least give me the parts to fix it. This machine is 8 years old, thier should be some law agianst this crap. My dealer hasent even figured out what its going to cost yet, but he said last year one of the 18 parts was over $400 dollars....
    What Can I Do? BTW I just sunk $4000 into this mower for a new engine, hopper and varies other repairs and winter maintance.
    Had to vent...
  2. musselman

    musselman LawnSite Senior Member
    from utah
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    I was just updated by my dealer and he has found some kit that should fix this problem, Im getting it nextday aired to me so we will see, my dealer seemed a bit nervous about it, hope it works.
  3. RLS24

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    no clue if this crosses to mower parts, but I work part time at an auto parts store, and OEM parts are usually only available for 6-8 years after a model has been discontinued. Then again, the Jeep dealer claims there are NO rear tow hooks left in the county for my 2003 Jeep Wrangler. BTW that style Wrangler was made until 2006. go figure........
  4. ed2hess

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    Kinda why we are moving back to WB units with less complex engines. These darn engine can eat you alive. And I worry about the cost of repairs on all the fuel injection engines.
  5. A-Land

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    But at the end of the day, a walker cut is a walker cut

    TJLANDS LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Walker is a great mower, but I have been saying for a while the 26hp efi, or any EFI is just to costly of a system for the walker. I have been buying the 23 hp(carb) walker and it is just as powerful and fuel efficient as the 26 EFI. And much much less to maintain after you hit 2 years, which is about 1500 hours for us.
  7. Lawnut101

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    Man I really don't like it when stuff like that happens! Hope you get it solved/fixed.
  8. Richard Martin

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    What kind of overly complex system did Walker put on your mower? My 28 Kohler EFI has 3 parts to it's fuel pump system. The fuel pump, a relay and a regulator. I can get the pump all day long for $150 and under. This sounds like an issue with Walker and not the engine.

    TJLANDS LawnSite Bronze Member
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    There is more and I have had problems with all of them, the O2 sensors, The ECU (the computer) and the wiring harness, the injectors also go bad,and I know there are more parts than that.
    The reason I stopped buying the EFI's and I have had at least a dozen machines with it, was because it took to long to troubleshoot a problem when it did occur. The unit would tell you whether it was a fuel issue or a wiring issue but it couldnt diagnose the problem exactly which would lead to very costly repair bills. Had one wire break inside the wiring harness that runs by the GHS fan and they had the mower for a week before they fiquired it out. It does start easy in extremely cold temps though.
  10. ALC-GregH

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    it's got to be running to cut! :)

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