The Quick 36- My review

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by marckxman, Mar 6, 2007.

  1. marckxman

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    I got my Quick yesterday and I thought I would share a few things about the machine and the buying experience.

    Honesty, I had never heard of this machine before January '07. I had many reservations about it. The biggest being the single hydro but also no dealership and no demo. The machine interests me greatly though so I read everything I can on it. After agonizing for 2 months or so on what to get, I finally get up the stones to go to the web site and put one in my shopping cart.

    I select the $2095 Super Fox (13hp, manual start Briggs) and the$479.95 Landscaper Pro Package. This gets me a grass catcher, mulch plate, Gator blades, and a box of spare parts. I get free shipping in February on the mower but I pay $54.45 for shipping on the other stuff. No big deal, they are throwing in a free T-shirt. My grand total comes to $2629.40. I have very little cash right now so I click the box at the bottom to apply for financing.

    I fill out a few questions like EIN, years in business, bank contact info, and submit the app. The next day I get an email from a guy named Victor. He says I'm approved. $75 loan app fee, $330 down, 14.5%APR and $127/month for 24 months. I take the deal. I need the mower. Victor faxes docs Friday and Better emails me Monday saying they are shipping my mower out that day. I get a tracking number and it takes a week to get to PDX.

    At the terminal they drop a big 457lb. palletized box on my little 5x8 trailer. I drive home wondering how I will get the thing off because there is no room in the trailer to work on it.
    I get home and decide I need to see the thing so I break out the hammer and pry bar and start beating on the box. This thing does NOT want to open. I inspect the container and determine that someone at Better likes their staple gun. Alot. It looks like every corner has 20, 2" staples in it. I keep beating on it and eventually win the battle. I am rewarded with my first view of the machine. It is shiny and undamaged after it's 3000 mile trip. I stop cussing at the stapler guy.

    I attach the handlebars with the 4 bolts, clip 4 zip ties, and push the mower off the trailer. That was it for assembly. Oh wait, I put 3 gallons of gas in it. Now I'm done. I check the oil, move the throttle to "choke" and pull the cord. It fires immediately. I am getting excited.

    First impressions:
    I like the controls. Easy. I cruise around the driveway a little. Super easy turning. I like it.
    I put it on my lawn and engage the blades. Awesome. Just a smooth, quiet engagement. The engine barely even notices. I have used Scags with the electronic blade clutch and I much prefer this. Scags make that loud "bark" and it really knocks the engine RPM's down for a second. That has to take it's toll on the belts. This is butter.
    I make a pass down the lawn, side discharging. Too high. It comes set from the factory at 2 1/2". I stop and drop it to 1 1/2". I also pull the chute and put the bagger on. I mow. It cuts and bags perfectly. Nice stripes and easy, straight lines. It is probably too low for my regular accounts though so I move it up to 2". I go over to the neighbor and ask to cut her yard. Beautiful. Perfect height. I drive over to my sister's house and cut it. Awesome. All these lawns are fairly tight and kind of soft but I have no trouble maneuvering the machine and it leaves no damage. I am impressed.

    I am taking it out today to do my regular accounts. I will post more after I spend some time with it. I can't wait to mow today.
  2. JTF40

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    I truly believe THIS thread will sell many machines for the company. I do not own one but someday I will. Thanks for the information.
  3. mexiking

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    nice review thanks buddy
  4. turfmagazine

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    Yes, thanks. Nice review. So what happened on January 7 to motivate you to look into this machine? Just curious.
  5. mexiking

    mexiking LawnSite Senior Member
    from NJ
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    i think he means january 2007
  6. marckxman

    marckxman LawnSite Member
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    I meant the begining of this year and not a specific date but reason I looked was I was bidding some larger accounts. I knew if I got them I would need a 36 so I started searching Lawnsite for opinions on the usual machines. Quick kept coming up so I looked at it. My first impression was not very positive because it was so different. The more I looked into the Quick, the more it's differences started to make sense to me.
    I guess it goes to show that first impressions can be wrong.
  7. GreenT

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    Excellent review and, based on my own experience, very accurate. I got my Quick 36 Samurai in late January 07 and it also took me longer to get it out of the crate than to get it ready to run.

    Their service was/is excellent, price very competitive based on what you get, and it even got to me 2 days earlier than their estimate. On the whole and after much research and comparisons, I don't think I could have gotten a better bang for the buck anywhere else.

    In summary: this is a very smooth machine, very well built, that gives you a great cut at a great price. I haven't found a negative yet.
  8. lawnspecialties

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    Glad to hear all worked out well. I'm fortunate enough to be only a couple hours drive from Better so I picked mine up at the plant. It was already assembled and ready to roll.

    I must admit though, as good as this machine is, no lawn mower has ever driven me to go out and mow other folks yards for free.:laugh:
  9. johng

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    How tough is it to turn around if you have no forward speed? Just stopped, do a 180. I do that all the time with my 48" Bobcat hydro so I'm wondering how that move is with a single hydro.
    Thanks, John...
  10. mattfromNY

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    Can you control the speed with both hands or only the right hand? I often run my Ferris 36 with either hand, such as holding tree branches out of my face with my right hand while running the mower forward/ backward with my left hand, etc.
    Looks like a really nice mower, just curious.

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