The Rich get Richer

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    I came across this in a real estate investment form that I am on and thought it may help some of the new guys think about education, in this field and any other.

    I think it also refers to the mindset of learning to make money work for you by learning more about business and money itself.

    The path to wealth is not behind a mower, but by learning (education) the art of leverage. -------- enjoy.

    "The largest sector in America makes between $20,000 to $29,000 per year and our poverty level is at around $19,000 per year and this is what they are willing to spend each year on:

    Eating out $1,483
    Alcoholic Beverages $247
    Tobacco $324
    Entertainment $1,517

    Let's see $3,571

    However, the average person is only willing to spend $95 per year on education!

    WOW what has more value eating out, alcoholic beverages, tobacco and entertainment or education?

    You tell me what you value more! You see if you take a look at folks who make $70,000 plus per year they spend an average of $1,902 per year on education vs folks who make less than $30,000 per year spend $95 per year on education

    Don't take my word for it see

    I wonder who is the smarter group?

    This is why the rich get richer simply because they understand the value of education and time! "

    Somewhat eye opening?

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