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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by W.L.S.27, Nov 12, 2006.

  1. W.L.S.27

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    We were bored this weekend so i decided to take a few pictures. I own most of the equipment. (with the exception of the truck, trailer, older scag 48, and the little wonder push blower) The equipment I just listed belongs to another company that I worked for this summer to try and gain some knowledge about the biz. The other company (Voegtles Lawn Service) belongs to a friend of mine from church that on occasion, during leaf season, lets me take out one of his trucks and trailers. His company also runs 2 maintenance crews, 1 landscape crew, and one heavy equipment/grading/construction crew. He is a great guy and I appreciate all the effort he has put forward to assist me in starting my own company (Wheaton Landscape Specialists) this season. Anyway here are some of the pictures... enjoy.




  2. scaglawnsnj

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    i like the selection of equipment.. scag is the way to go.. a lot of people hate scag. f**k em.... i run walk behinds too. love them
  3. Mike's All Season Service

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    Scag is the only way to go!!!!!:weightlifter: IMO
  4. Gene $immons

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    That blower looks brand new.
  5. Prestige-Lawncare

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    It's always nice to have friends that help out ... and it teaches us to help others when we have the opportunity too.

    Good Luck ...

  6. W.L.S.27

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    Gene $immons... haha just have to say i like the name. but yes the BR340 is about 2 months old.

    Prestige... 100% true. what goes around comes around. we have quite a few LCO's around here that are just a pleasure to work beside. We are very blessed. God has provided us with a very good season this year.

  7. J&R Landscaping

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    How many accounts do you have?
  8. W.L.S.27

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    J&R... Right now we only have 11 accounts. 1.5 acres being the smallest and 3.5 acres being the largest. Our residential contracts are VERY similar to commercial contracts; In that anything and everything that has to do with landscaping is done at each of the properties. So we are working quite a bit with those 11 accounts (about 3 days a week 9-6) The services that are included with our contracts are:
    1. Once yearly tree trimming
    2. 3x hedge & shrub trimming
    3. All fert./chem apps as needed
    4. General lawn maintenance services (1x a week)
    5. Mulch every spring and as needed throughout the season
    6. Garden Maintenance (1x a week)

    Hope all this makes some sense
  9. W.L.S.27

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    J&R... almost forgot the snow removal (still dreaming about summer... lol) as well as 2 fall cleanups and one spring cleanup.

  10. Classified

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    Chris, next season youll have another LCO next door. Im in Schaumburg but hope to get customers in the LITH, Algonquin, Crystal Lake areas. Im starting in the early spring, im planning to start it as full time but we will see how the advertising goes in late jan-feb.

    What Church do you go to?

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