The Right Fertilizer?

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by WirthOutdoorServices, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. starry night

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    Well, we were all in agreement about being positive. So now, after four days, no response
    from the original poster. Did he like / accept / heed the advice ?

    (And he's from Wooster, home of The OSU Agricultural Technical Institute. For those of you outside of Ohio, it's a research place and also has a two-year educational degree program.
    Many good profs here who would be happy to either answer questions or refer to other resources.)
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  2. castle555

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    Hi there dirtandhoops,
    Well -you may be onto something there.
    It is holiday time and he might get back to us once back- if not then that's pretty disrespectful not to.
    Jury's still out though, he doesn't have much of a profile and only 3 posts with questions.
  3. Kiril

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    Compost does a soil good!
  4. starry night

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    Did anybody hear something?
  5. Smallaxe

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    In the spirit of being positive... I'm positive that, arbitrarily dumping triple 13, on every lawn, as a one size fits all solution, will not play well with clients that have - even a rudimentary understanding of the weed, we like to call - 'turfgrass'.

    Perhaps he hasn't gotten back to us because he is consulting his accountant, even as we speak... :)
  6. castle555

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    A little knowledge can be dangerous, and I don't think we are really helping that guy out. In fact he has just enough information, or enough rope to hang himself, to do exactly what you are saying . . . he's going to have some crabby customers because it just ain't that simple with turf.
  7. Smallaxe

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    That's why it called a forum... 2 way discussion... hashing out the details and misunderstandings...
    Thinking... takes time and energy.
  8. rcreech

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    If you go back and re-read my original post to the guy...that is exactly what I was saying!

    I wasn't trying to be rude...but the truth may hurt!
  9. RigglePLC

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    just read a few thousand posts right here--and then--you will get a feel for who is in outer space and the majority who give good advice--if everybody agrees, it is probably good advice. Be sure to pay particular attention to those with a similar climate and grass type. Remember you cannot apply crabgrass or weed control--liquid or granular--on any property except your own--unless you have a pesticide license.
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  10. castle555

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    Thanks RigglPLC for that centering comment,
    I know it takes time to get a feel for the fact or fiction of it all, and I show a few posts as a rather new member compared to some of the multi-thousand posts out there. I do read and compare on many of the different topics to find some common accepted method or process.
    This is from a previous page, on my post to this thread.
    "In California we have our own EPA to regulate us above and beyond and in addition to the Federal EPA - So I had to get a State Certified Pesticide Applicator's License (via Exam) and register with my County Agricultural Commissioner, via the California Department of Pesticides.
    ...and, it doesn't make me an expert :hammerhead:

    "It's a complex world out there, don't complexify, simplify"

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