The rush season is nearly upon us

David Gretzmier

LawnSite Gold Member
ok guys, 11 days until Nov 1, so here is your check list to be thinking about getting done before the crazy weeks start.

yard signs ordered. I have really cool ones this year.

uniform shirts printed or embroidered. I used an ebay company a few years back and got 100 grey thick cotton t's with one red ink color. it was about
300 bucks and I still have a few left. I buy the guys black thermal tops to wear under them, and along with a black carhart blizzard jacket that covers about 95% of the weather here.

Truck graphics- get some simple ones done for a few hundred bucks.

Postcards ordered. can get them to you in about a week total. U need to mail those around Nov 5-20.

bulk spools of c-9 cord and bulbs, all in one clips, male and female slider plugs, etc ordered. you can't get them local.

stock up on cheap cords when you find them. harbor freight sometimes has 3way plugs for 99 cents.

Home depot has a nice 15 amp photocell timer for 10 bucks with 2 plug in outlets. alwsys nice to have a dozen or two of those around. they will be gone by Thanksgiving.

rubber coated gloves, s clips, blue tapcon screws and tapcon drill bits, nut drivers for tapcons, screw eyes or hooks, binder clips, are all nice to have in each truck and a stash in shop as well.

You can usually find some little giant ladders on ebay for 200-300 bucks. get them now.

get your painter poles. they are good for more than just trees, they can send up stuff to your guy on the ladder or roof without throwing.

100 foot 3/8" diamond rope is about 6 bucks at walmart.

galvanized wire and zipties. Tractor supply has a very good deal on electric fence wire that is glavanized and about 15 guage, in 1/4 mile and 1/2 mile spools. probably last an entire season for around 30 bucks. Harbor freight has those huge 24" zipties that are 3/8" thick, they can hold 175 pounds for 2 bucks for 10 zipties or 20 centsw each.

chains and snap clips to hold ladders on ladder rack or in boxvan against wall.

fix your brake lights and trailer lights now. you will not have time to do it in November.

change your oil, air, and fuel filters and get new sparkplugs. wash truck and clean out junk. replace windshield wipers. air up your tires and check your spare. make sure you have an x-bar, jack in every truck.

put up those shelves you have been meaning to do in trailer or van. you would be amazed what 100 bucks in 2x4's, screws, and 2 sheets of plywood can do. Lowes will cut your plywood for you.

renew your tags if they need it in the next 2 months. get a new insurance card. put a spare key to your truck in a magnetic key holder.

get some cheap led flashlights and bulk batteries to do fixes with. I got some for 4 bucks each at harbor freight that has an area light with 24 led's, a 3 led focus light, a hanging hook and a magnet, and it CAME with 3 aaa batteries already in it. these are awesome for fixing wreaths or garland in place, or finding stuff in truck or trailer.

replace bulbs in your shop if out. get new locks for gate if necessary.

buy a few multi tools on ebay. these are great to carry around to cut galv wire, dig out broken c-9 bulbs, and to open boxes with.

that's enought for now. go team !