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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Oct 12, 2004.

  1. bobbygedd

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    do you get the same weirdos calling you , every spring, every fall, year after year? i have two that have been calling me year after year. one guy:" how much for the lawn cut?" me:" $30 plus tax, every week april first till oct. 31st." him:" no way, $25, no tax, and only when it needs it." yea, ok, right away. he calls me twice a year, every year, he can't hang on to anyone. 2nd guy:" i want it cut (5800 sq ft) with a 21" mower. cut at 2", and bagged. i get fungus every year too, i'll need you to apply a fungicide when i call you to tell you to do it. also, my wife and i travel sometimes out of the country 3-4 months at a time, i'll need you to run a bill, i'll square up when we are in town." yea, sure, when can i start? ha ha ha ha, kiss my butt! these two have been calling for years, don't even remember they already spoke with me. sometimes i screw with them. i call them back, "hi, this is bob, from xyz landscaping, i'd like to meet with you to discuss the work to be done. yea, 5 pm ok? great, i'll see u then." then, of course, don't show up, and laugh at them when they call the machine, making sure i got the right directions. do u get the same ones year after year?
  2. environment

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    i have 1 that keeps haunting me for a cleanup this year, she lives around the corner from my fiancees parents home, so she sees me all the time when i do there maintenance. Could you do a cleanup for me, your jessies guy right, i got this guy mike who does it now for 150, but family comes first, ill give him the boot, how much can you charge,
    now mike is gettin ripped off, because this lady gets so many leaves that you cant see the lawn whatsoever.
    i tell her 400
    she says again, well family does come first, come over and take a look, mike does it for 150, but id rather you do it, family first

    she just wont get the picture
  3. CJ GreenScapes

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    I don't know yet, ask me next year :) Seriously, do any normal people ever call you? In fact, are any of your existing customers normal? With the clientel you have, I bet you can't wait to get to work the next day - never a dull moment!
  4. LB Landscaping

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    Yup, got a synagogue that calls every season for a price. They call in the fall, the spring and for winter plowing. Drives me nuts!!!
  5. crawdad

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    There's one, calls every year or two, for a price for cutting the lawn. Last year, I told her, "I'm gonna tell you the same price I tell you every year, but this time I'm saying that if you hire me, you won't be shopping for a new lawn man every year."
    She said that she was going to make a note of that, and I guess she did, she didn't call me this year. Next year when she calls, the price goes up.
  6. lawnman_scott

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    I had 2 that called every year in about august. Waste of time liars, and last year when they called I was very busy and I think I finally told them off good enough that they will remember me.
  7. Palmer Lawn Care

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    I had this one lawn, they asked me last year what I charge for them to cut their lawn, so I schedule the time when ill be over to give an estimate. So I show up at the arranged time and they follow me everywhere around their yard and every 30 seconds, yes thats right, every 30 seconds they would ask if I was done yet. So I finally get done with the estimate and told them $25/cut just because I was in a good mood that day, I thought this was an excellent deal because their grass was over 6 inches high in some parts and grass was hanging over about 3 inches onto the sidewalk. They say that’s too high, and that they would want a “free” trial before they started, I could obviously tell they wanted their lawn fixed up and that they were going to cancel after the first cut. So I tell them goodbye and I left. The next year came along and the exact same people see me and my crew mowing the lawn next to theirs, so they come up to me and ask how much I would charge them, It was overgrown as bad as last year, so I tell them $60 the first cut and $35/cut after that, plus the contract which has a $200 cancellation fee within the first 6 months than after the 6 months the fee goes down to $100. So they sign the contract and say " when can you start?", I tell them I can start right after I finish cutting the one I am working on, but then after I mow their lawn, they come up to me and say they don’t want me to cut their lawn anymore and that they want their money back for absolutely no reason at all. Then I show them the contract which has their signatures on it and say it will cost them 200 bucks and there is no refund available, just as it says on the contract, so they say they wont pay it, they also wont pay the 60 bucks I charged them to mow it, so they owed me a total of $260 and so I got a collection agency to get me my money, after about a month of hassle with them, I finally got my money. Just a word of advice from me, don’t let the people who call you every year be your customer, they could be troublesome.
  8. impactlandscaping

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    I had this one lady, a sister of a current client, who wanted a full landscape install.They knocked down their existing home and rebuilt 2X larger. I went and had a consultation with them in 2002, designed the layout and plans, and submitted it to them. They loved the plan and wanted to start right away, so I put them on the schedule and asked for a deposit check after signing the contract. She him-hawed over the signing, and asked to wait until her husband was there as well. Long story ,short version, she never signed and kept delaying it for two months until I quit returning her calls. She called in spring' 03, same deal..maybe fall of ' dice...I politely told her I was no longer interested in doing her install. Now it's fall' 04, and they still have no landscaping, unless you call a few trees / shrubs from Lowe's landscaping. Her husband co owns a very successful business with his brother, and they aren't hurting for $$, just want everything for 0$, I guess.

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