The scrub cycle

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TMlawncare, Mar 20, 2004.

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    In my area, this is how the scub cycle works. At the beginning of each year, usually around mid-April, you will begin seeing people soliciting lawn business who you have never seen before. These people will be hungry for the dollar. They have a mower, a truck (sometimes a station wagon will suffice), a weed eater and depending on the person a blower or broom. Hence, everything you need for a sucessful operation. They get the ads and flyers out, the prices gather the attention of your clients and sometimes poses questions. By the end of April you see them at work. They whiz through a yard in no time at all. Some trim a few items others will take care of it next week. When they are done mowing they will eye the property to see if blowing by ways of the mower is in order, broom or not worthy of blowing at all. Debris, they are too focused on the days route or the afternoons softball game to worry over this, if they can't mow over it they will push it out of the way. By the end of May, they usually find that the hot weather and dust makes this more work than necessary so they find the local unemployment office and we work for them till a new, better job pops up. In the mean time their customers just wait and wonder about what is holding their LCO up. They usually never find out and that's why our phones light up by late spring. Then next April the cycle begin all over again,
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    In the late spring just say Thank You to all of your new customers.
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    Sounds about right tm.
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    I am intrigued by this post. Are you posting this because you are losing customers to these so called scrubs?

    If you are, you need to build a better repore with your customers. A repore that no lco, no matter how low they go, cant touch..

    If lowballers or scrubs, as you call them are taking customers away, you might want to re-evaluate your client relationships..

    If you are not losing customers, then the post was futile....
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    bastalker, never said I was losing any of my accounts to these guys. The post was intended to spur some interest. We have about a 97% retention rate. The problem is gathering new accounts in the early spring. They post prices that overshadow the rest of the legimate industry. People keep there prices in mind for a long time. You can go on about service, but at the beginning of the season they can tell the customer anything about service they want to here. When they quit and the customer has to go searching for another LCO they sometimes question the price difference, not the service. Once you sign them and the quality of work is top nopnotch, they figure it better be because your making a killing at that price. When you need to ask for a raise down the road eyebrows sometimes rise.
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    Being a new member, you should type the word "scrub" into the search feature. You'll see that this subject has been beat more than a red-head stepchild. I for one, could puke over this subject. So truthfully, there is no need to discuss it. We all know the cycle and ways of the business.

    I would imagine you ARE talking about a "scrub" not "scub" correct. Like you stated in your first sentence.
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    I'm with ya on that.
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    Randy, new member check the stats, 2002. I don't post a lot but I read a lot of posts. Sometimes a topic that has been beat to death is still on peoples minds. A lot of the "new members" as well as a few old one still face the issue daily. Maybe we can beat it a little more and come up with some fresh ideas. Sometimes those that complain about old topics really don't have to much to offer in the way of new ideas.
    By the way I didn't put the "R" in scrubs in the first sentence. Wow, a typo maybe you should get a new job as a spell checker.
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    TM.....You stated that these so called scrubs dont have any effect on you. You have a 97% retention rate.

    All Randy an I am asking, if this is the case, why post this question in the first place.

    Scrubs an lowballers are a part of the biz, if they are not effecting you, dont beat a dead horse......
  10. Randy Scott

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    I probably should because everybody is too lazy to use the one at the bottom of the f 'in page. You want to criticize scrubs, you better be perfect then.
    All the talk on here about scrubs, I guaranfuggintee half the people on this site are scrubs as far as I'm concerned.

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