The secret to getting paid on time?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Gus McGee, Dec 22, 2017.

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    I’m thinking this year I’m going to automatically deduct standard service on the first of the month and deduct extra services the day I do them. Last year It was about 60:40 with Cash Payers and just running the card on file. Should be nice unless they cancel a card on me.
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    maybe schedule recurring invoices per customer using

    they automatically get sent out, you automatically get notified of payment, automatic reminders to customers to submit payment after X amount of time..

    seems pretty automated to me, set and forget...

    that's just a small, small bit you get for 29.99 a month with free 14 day trial, no cc...worth a start...

    Oh and you can track their invoices opens and clicks, etc. so you know if they deadbeats actually viewed them : ) jk..

  3. MarkintheGarden

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    What many companies do is charge a late fee. If they call about it, wave the first late fee of the year, and then have the conversation about auto-pay methods.
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    It’s so so simple. Do not over think it.

    Option A get payment up front, pre paid for either the entire season or a month ahead. But ONLY do this if you can get full price for your service still. I see people give a discount like 5-10% and that’s just nuts. Way too much.

    Option B. Auto charge a credit card the day after service. Every day, every week. No where else do you get to call a professional service person to your home and not pay when they are completed. Order a pizza, they take my CC. Go to the doctor, they take my CC. Call an HVAC guy to fix the AC, he takes my credit card. It’s so simple. And if you have the right type of software, billing daily is easier than keeping a monthly tab. Monthly billing is old school. Move into 2010 at least. Did over 1 million in revue and have less than $1000 that I’m getting screwed on. It works.
  5. tlc23

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    Your option B is exactly what I'm looking to do for the upcoming season. What software are you using to bill daily? I've spent hours reading and it's hard to know what's going to work best with all the options.
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  6. grass man 11

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    Service autopilot
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  7. Joe Shooner

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    My old man always used to say, "you go to the grocery store, you pay them before you leave."
  8. Efficiency

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    No idea whats been said but i think this is sound wisdom.

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    ^^^^^ Deleted by MJD in 3........2........1......
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    I believe it was JP of service autopilot that said they now charge the morning of service. They run the cards before the trucks even go out. So if a payment doesn't go through that customer is skipped. May not have been JP so if not I apologise. But I thought it was a great idea. When I go see a doc (without insurance) I pay up front before they even let me beyond the waiting room. Go to McDonald's you pay before you get your food. Go get dry cleaning done, you pay days BEFORE your clothes are ready. Yet somehow LCOs seem to be the last that get paid. Every year we implement something new to try and cut down on slow or no pays and it seems every year it just gets worse. We r getting very tired of being a collection agency. And yes I do use one and have for years but so far it has been about a wash as far as costs vs what is collected.

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