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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by ToddH, Jan 16, 2013.

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    I must say I was a little miffed when, in my opinion facebook decided to zig when the major search engines were talking about zagging in harmony using meta data or a particular schema of RDFa tags.

    Both Facebooks Open Graph and in basic terms are similar in that they are an extention of Resource Description Framework (RDF) > Resource Description Framework – in – attributes (RDFa)

    The importance of this perhaps can be found here.

    After all the build-up to Facebook's event at its Californian headquarters, Mark Zuckerberg's announcement left me - and I suspect millions of its users - distinctly underwhelmed. A new way of mining the information your friends, and their friends, post on the social network does not sound revolutionary.

    And its geeky name Graph Search isn't going to win any marketing awards - Facebook's boffins may be in love with the idea of their social graph, but to many people it will sound about as exciting as double maths on a Friday afternoon.

    And here is more info on

    More on Open Graph

    PS as Tony has tried to tell folks repeatedly, Keyword meta tags are dead. sort of the cyber stone age
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    Note: OG goes in the head where as with Schema the language is called out in the head but the tags are in the body.

    Facebook - in the open graph social page about a year of so ago said they did not like the data in the page. The devlopment guy said he abandoned it be cause webdesigneers often wiped out the tags at some point on large site and it was too hard to maintain. There was some very interesting debates amongst people far above my level of education and understanding. I recognized many of them from my research the last 3 years in to the code development of open source.
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    Just wanted to clarify that in the OP that this was not my statement but it came from this article.

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