The service was just not there!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Shawns Lawns, May 30, 2005.

  1. Shawns Lawns

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    I called for payment and he said that the neighbors have not even started cutting yet and i have already cut 2 times, I told him that i cut 3 times already and gave him the dates. (Why does one think that because a neighbor does not cut their grass than his must not need it :dizzy: ) He then asked me if i would go to 3 weeks per cut and i told him that i do not do three week cuts. I could tell that he was (what seemed to me to be Pissed off :cry: ) so i asked him if he would like for me to continue to cut like i have for the past 5 years at once every 10 days in May and June and if the weather allowed it i would go to 14 days in the summer and bring it back down to 10 days in the fall like i have always done? He said Yea what ever and hung up the phone on me.

    I was out later on and he had someone call, my wife answered the phone and and this person said that I WAS FIRED because the service was not there. How can the service be there when he requested it to NOT BE THERE? He is a lobster fisherman and has a summer place and a winter place I guess if he cannot see that grass from camp then it must not be growing. I will not do his place again even if he calls back. The only thing that hurts a little i have his next door neighbor also and would do them together. I am guessing that he will try do get her to cancel me as well. I remember when i gave him a quote he wanted to know if he could get a deal if he gave me more customers. So i added up how many times i cut him last year and it was only 12 times. Not a big loss but if i lose them both i will have to make it up somewhere else. :waving:

    The caller said that they would send payment how long should i wait?
  2. sheshovel

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    Don't wait longer than 30 days after the bill is due.Don't worry about these kinds of clients.It's hard to not take it as a personal affront when a customer drops you.But you did your job and that's all that you can do.The guy has no clue about what he agreed upon with you and probably dosen't even remember.You can't get "FIRED" because you work for
    yourself and you are the only one who can FIRE you.Charge them for release without notice xtra.
    Keep doing the other and see what you might pick up more around there.When he comes begging back.. tell him sorry... but the service is just not there.!
  3. Tharrell

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    I would expect a check within a few days.
    You must have put up with a bunch of cr@p for those five years or did he recently hit his head on a lobster pot?
  4. smitdavi

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    from Indiana
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    I love it when customers try to gauge their yard with the neighbors.
  5. Shawns Lawns

    Shawns Lawns LawnSite Senior Member
    from Maine
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    There has never been a problem his wife would usually send the check and i cut his parents till they passed and he always told me if i wanted lobster to call him ( i had to pay though, which is fine but i dont like seafood) so for the little amount he wanted me to cut for him this year, figure once every 3 weeks wanted me to start in June and end in September would only have been about 6 cuts all year. NOT worth it!
  6. kilpatrickshrub&turf

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    I do love it when neighbors compare... money in the bank. A flat of begonias by the mailbox at one house turns into a new curbside flowerbed at another up the street. The begonia mailbox not to be outdone a month later wants new rose bushes and a fountain. Money in the bank.
  7. Runner

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    Cut every 10 days??? I never have able to understand why people even do this. Nothing like disrupting your route for some cheapskate customers who want a lawn boy. In the first place, if it is done every 10 days, a $40 cut should be $54. This equals out to about the same monthly income.
  8. Shawns Lawns

    Shawns Lawns LawnSite Senior Member
    from Maine
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    Because people are cheap some want good service some what (da lawn cut). There is a market for those type of people that want the yard to look like an estate but want to pay what a renter would pay for there yard = NOTHING. I just dont want these people. These are the same people that will complain that the lawn looks awful. Its a headache that i do not want. :waving:
  9. grassmanvt

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    Sounds like he did you a favor. I am currently going round and round with a couple of "10 day wannabe's". I don't understand how some people can't understand why their 10-day request doesn't fit my 7 day shedule. I would just as soon not deal with them as fight with them. I also agree on that "if they didn't see ya there it didn't need it" thing. I have two customers just about every year that leave for a week and later question my mowing it that week. I mowed it every other week, why not that one?
  10. kilpatrickshrub&turf

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    A one time cleanup/mow/trim/edge/spray thats bid very high, every week at one price, biweekly at a higher price. Thats it as far as options go.

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