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The Silver Eagle or What?


LawnSite Member
Western Kentucky
I am debating buying a Dixie chopper Silver Eagle or the Wood's Mow-n-machine 50in, or the Scag Tiger Cub. The Scag is $200 more than the Wood's and $500 more than the Chopper. Which one guys. We are just getting into the business.


LawnSite Member
Wilmington, DE
to tell you the truth i would look into eXmark. I run nothing but eXmark and have fallen in love with them. The new z is nice take a look and price them out.just my opinion

Richard Martin

LawnSite Fanatic
Greenville, NC
The Silver Eagle is an excellant machine but it really is geared towards the homeowner. If you're going to spend many thousands on a mower get the full scale commercial mower instead.