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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by brentsawyer, Dec 20, 2001.

  1. brentsawyer

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    I have done quite a bit of work as far as researching the idea of accepting credit cards starting this next year. I want to put what I have concluded down for reference and to see if anyone disagrees or has more to add.

    I believe that it is a much better deal to buy the credit card machine itself from a wholesaler or Ebay. Currently I'm looking at using the Nurit 2085 and a couple lease prices that I got were for $29.95/mo-$44.59/mo for 36 months. Alot of money when you compare $349 upfront to buy it outright or around $250 Ebay.

    Offer a $5-10 discount that is already built in to 'new customers' for using CC or Debit Card. eg. $100/mo w/CC or $110/mo check The $5-10 is really a surcharge in disguise.

    Include CC receipt in with end-of-month invoice and resolve any results the best you can, lol

    Fixed costs $10/Mo statement fees. Variable costs 2.19-2.39%+.25 per transaction for keyed in purchases, less for swipes obviously but I will not be swiping clients cards often. Only on design/Build jobs where I am around phone line and the amount is much larger and savings add up.
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    Did you find the threads on Lawnsite on that topic helpful to you?

    I do find the surcharge on non-CC payments a bit out of the ordinary. You know the CC companies charge you for each transaction, right? Seems like you're cutting your own profits. Give a discount for cash or check.
  3. Randy Scott

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    I thought about this when I started this year and wanted to make it as convenient for the customer that I could. I thought I would see how many requests I got for it and then offer it next year. Over 200 different customers this year with a wide variety of work, never did I once have a customer ask if they could put it on a credit card. Guess that answers wether or not I offer it next year.
    It would be nice to not have too worry about bad checks but was lucky with that this year also. None. Now that I said that I will probably get a bum check. Seems like most on here say it isn't worth it.
  4. GroundKprs

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    This was a topic kicked around a lot 2 years ago. jimlewis came up with a great solution without the hassle of credit cards. Check out .

    Golly Molly, only 400 some threads in first 6 months, Chuck.

    All of my recurring personal and business accounts payable are set up on EFT payments similar to this. From my standpoint as a customer, this reduces the hassle of sitting down to write checks. And many vendors offer a discount for EFT payments because it eliminates time and paperwork.
  5. LoneStarLawn

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    The company that does Jim Lewis' "AutoPayment" charges $299 set-up and $1.75 per transaction
  6. KDJ

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    You dont have to have a machine to take CC. All you need is a cellphone, manual imprinter and a merchant account. Yes you need to take cards. Its a must. Many will criticize that statement but offer the service it's just business.
    If someone whats a 1200.00 improvement to their home and you that cards........ well you get the picture.

    cost as low as cell call 1-2 min
    10.00 per mo
    .20 per call
    1.55% of bill
  7. KDJ

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    That should read Take not that
  8. Highpoint

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    You don't even need the manual imprinter. You have to have the card to use the imprinter. We Just ask the clients to give us their CC information. We then call the card in, hand write on the imprint receipts and away we go! Cash in the bank within 24 hours! Do not spend all that dough till your sure your gonna have a whole lot of clients wanting to use a CC. Good Luck:blob3:
  9. brentsawyer

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    What you guys are saying is what I was saying too, I think. The idea of the EFT seems more expensive and the cell phone looks like it costs the same, except no start up costs for machine. However, I think that customers would prefer the credit card safety especially with those big landscape jobs where I require 50% down before I do anything. In these cases I would swipe the card to save on fees. I am curious as to whether it is better to have the printer/keypad type I'm looking at.

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