The sod will die, The pads will burn..

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by fga, Apr 29, 2004.

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    What's up guys? I have to do a sod install, nice little job. The thing is there is a play area in one end of the yard with a swing and slide etc.. I don't want to puit grass there cuz it will last 2 weeks, maybe, any ideas what to put. The obvious is mulch, but is there a certain mulch that would the least messiest for this situation. So that the kids don't get filthy from just walking on them? sand is too messy. I don't think the rubber pads will work, because they get real hot in the summer (some little girl burned her feet here last year, hospitalized). Any ideas?
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    They do sell a "playground mulch" which is more like wood chips, rather than mulch, and also they have some rubberized types of mulch for this particular situation. I'm not sure of any specific names or suppliers, but I'd ask around about these. Maybe someone else on here knows a little more.
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    artificial turf...looks great and works well!

    why do you think they play football on it.
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    pine straw....its not messy and feels good if their barefooted

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