The Solution to Leaking Pots and Planters of Any Size!

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    The Solution to Leaking Pots and Planters of Any Size!

    “Every time you plant in any container or planter, you are planting “risk”, Kim Parker.

    NoSweat! Waterproof Liners were created in 1981 by a plantscape company,
    Kim Parker Plants, Inc., to eliminate hardscape and surface damage due to water leaks and/or run-off. Our new, stand-alone version is available now.

    Standard Sizes: The six sizes pictured below are made of seamless, flexible 18 to 25 mil, black vinyl, allowing the liners to slip easily into any pot, container or vessel. These liners were designed to displace the common and inefficient clear saucers found at all garden centers.

    Custom Sizes: These liners will fit any dimension of planter or cavity using a heat-seamed technology used in waterbeds. The flexible 18 mil vinyl is clear and virtually invisible when installed. The liners are guaranteed to fit. An optional upper bead is available to secure to the inside of the planter or cavity.

    For more information go to: To order, call 888-222-4341.

    The New NoSweat! Liners
    Six Sizes:8”, 11.0”, 13.5”, 16”, 18.5”, 21.5”

    NoSweat! Custom Liner
    Any Size



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