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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by bcg, Sep 28, 2011.

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    I tell you, the longer I'm in business, the less faith I have in humanity. We've decided recently to add another service line to our business that requires some specialized skills so we called the various manufacturers of the material we'd need to talk about why we should use their product and about what sort of on-site assistance they'd be able to give us on our first couple of jobs with the part that we need to learn. One of them brought a rep from a company that is already offering the service we're adding (I guess they misunderstood and thought we were looking for someone to sub it out to) and we talked about the job we already had lined up and what we needed from them. They sent a bid over with $xxx in for helping us out on the first job, a number that was a little high but something I could live with. Then they called us a couple of days later and said "Oops, we underbid the help part." and sent us a new bid that was 4x the original for the assistance, obviously they really don't want to help us.

    Today I'm out talking to my customer at the job I've already got lined up and that I talked to them about and he mentions to me that that contractor that was at that meeting dropped by earlier that day and basically attempted to land the job for himself. I'm amazed that someone would be so sleazy as to attempt something like this. I really don't know what to say about a contractor that would try to steal a job from someone that was already bringing him in on it.

    Rant over, I just had to share.
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    What a crock! Did your client hang with you and did you tell the REPS to go stick it? :hammerhead:
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    I'm not surprised, unfortunately.
    But that's the difference between us and a lot of other folk.
    Nice that your customer respected you enough to let you know what the other guy did.
    Speaks volumes for your character.
    You now owe me one beer. :drinkup:
  4. bcg

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    I have good relationships with my customers, I'm loyal to them and they're loyal to me in return. Besides that, in this case because it's a new service offering we're doing the job at cost and there really wasn't much chance of losing the job. It just floors me that someone would try that.

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    It didn't involve pigtails did it?
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    Sounds like free enterprise at its finest ..... heh Pete? :clapping::rolleyes:
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    Just lost a job to a competitor whose approach was to let the customer know that whatever my price was, he'd be 20% less.

    NOTHING surprises me anymore when it comes to bidding.

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    Blame the person not free enterprise. I guess you are the type that blames the gun not the criminal.
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    The only way to beat that lag is charge for a design and supervise the install; you all know someone will try to lowball you. I've gotten installs by convincing the client I was in it for the long haul, and, long after my price was forgotten, the quality and attention to service was remembered. :clapping:
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    Bid it at cost and let him beat it.

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