The string trimmer saga!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by lazerzee, Jul 10, 2013.

  1. lazerzee

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    I started business this year and have been using a buddies Stihl FS90R. The unit has worked flawlessly for everything I have thrown at it. I have been looking at buying my own and thanking my buddy and giving his backup unit back.

    I have looked all over the web for "the best" trimmer and have come to find out it's the old Ford VS Chevy VS Dodge Pi%$ing contest with no REAL findings to backup their color product they use!

    I am looking at several perimeters 1) what my local dealers I am near and like to use. Nothing is more horrible that dealing with a dealer you don't like.

    I am basing the data sheet as the starting point using the Stihl FS90R due to the experience in using the unit.

    String trimmers:

    Weight: displacement: fuel capacity: price:

    Stihl FS90R
    11.7, 28.4, 18oz, $319.95

    Redmax BCZ3060TS
    12.19, 29.5, 24.3oz, $399.95

    Shindaiwa T282
    13.4, 28.9, 25.4oz, $389.99

    Husqvarna 430LS
    11.2, 29.5, 23.7oz, $409.00

    Echo SRM266
    12.5, 25.4, 16.6oz, $309.00​


    So far using this metric if I were to find the one that uses the highest placement, weighs less and holds the most fuel it clearly goes to the Husqvarna. The problem my local Husqvarna are a bunch of tools! The other problem I have there is only 1 Hasquvarna close to my working area.

    There are 4 Stihl in my area 2 of which I have a good relationship with. Redmax and Shindaiwa dealers are way out there.That takes them out of the running.

    This takes me to the Echo. I have no dealings with this dealer and never ever been in his shop. If I were to shop using my wallet the Echo would be on my truck right now!

    So, what have I think my decision will be, The Stihl not due to the color, price,displacement or dealer but, rather ALL of those metrics. I can use the other dealers to beat up on each other on price.

    What am I buying SERVICE and ease of getting it fixed when it breaks. It's a mechanical device and they ALL break regardless of what name brand is on the side of the unit.

    If anyone has any other things of real merit as apposed to "my color machine is the best just because" would be greatly appreciated.
  2. BckYrdLmbrJk

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    I use Dolmar, but they aren't that common. If I was going to pick up another trimmer any time soon, it would be a Kawasaki. You can't go wrong with Kawasaki. I was a stihl guy for a few years but now I steer clear, I love my br-600 for its power and how easy it is to start, but a lot of their products have proved pretty weak to me. Also from what I understand although they claim to be "made" in America, it sees they are assembled in America, from Chinese parts. Go figure.

    Kawasaki makes great products!
    My last echo wasn't bad either, but definitely look into the Kawis
  3. TX Easymoney

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    Your putting way too much thought into it--go with a brand which you can easily get parts and service for--Echo/Shindawa/Stihl or whatever--its a $300 piece of gear ...not $3000

    We have used echo with pretty good luck for years..i'd suggest a bigger engine 26 cc is big enough for most all situations, though the bigger units last longer albeit are heavier...also used Stihl and Shindawa in past...we have about 30 echo 260 units of various different ages-
  4. lazerzee

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    Checking out Dolmar now. Thanks never heard of them before. Looks like Mitsu engines in them that I have been able to find out.
  5. poncho62

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  6. ed2hess

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    The reason for going with Echo is they have two adjustment needles on the carb and that is very important. The echo srm266 is solid unit get the one with the high torque head.
  7. echo

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    The husqvarna 200 and 300 series are as good/better than any trimmer I've used and IMO very inexpensive for the quality and power.
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  8. OakNut

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    I have the FS90R as well. 4 years now - solo operator. I like it.

    Another plus if you hadn't considered it, is the attachments that can be used with it making it a pretty versatile unit.
    I have the articulating hedge trimmer attachment and while expensive, was worth every penny.
    I also have the edger attachment, but it doesn't see much use.

    Buy what your best local dealer will give you a good price on.
  9. K&L Landscaping

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    Interesting...I thought the new EPA complaint handhelds no longer had adjustable carbs? If the new Echo's are indeed adjustable then I'm sold.
  10. GrassGuerilla

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    If you've been using a fs90 and like the feel and power delivery, problem solved. Buy a Stihl. While not my cup of tea, it's clear that you'll have parts availability and service. Combined with a familiarity with what your going to get, how could you go wrong?

    If you buy anything else and expect it to deliver power the way the 4-mix machine does your in for some surprises. If you do decide to go with something else you will probably want the "high torque" version.

    I think a lot of opinions are formed when people expect to use the new tool the same way they did the old tool. 2-strokes generally like to be "spooled up" before you stick it in. 4-strokes are more forgiving with their inherent bottom end torque they will simply grunt through. If your used to one, you may not immediately appreciate the other.
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