The Swampbeast Saga

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Swampbeast, Aug 3, 2003.

  1. Swampbeast

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    Yeah, thats it Aztlan, I just made all that up. Oh, and heres the best part, I some how remember all this stuff I totally made up every time I talk about it. Wierd, I just must have a really good memory.
    I kinda thought that might be the problem when I got your second post. He he, jealous people think some funny things.
    I shall try to placate your doubting, but I doubt I will be able to. I checked with three different crews today, (the ones that dont exist) and none of them own digital cameras, or know how to post pics on forums. So I will just have to continue asking my imaginary employees until I find someone that does.

    I must admit though, a MAJOR part of all this came from one fact, that my Dad handled all the loans I had to make to get the trucks and the building and stuff like that. He just gave me the money, and I paid him back, with no interest. He is the Vice-President of Samsung Heavy Industries, so he can afford that, but no, thats probably just my crazy imagination going wild again! ;)


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    if this is all true good for u only being 21
    i was a mess when i was 21.
    how do u bill all those customers and do the daily tracking.
    what are u grossing a year?
  3. Sherminator

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    Holy Cow, bro! It's got to take a mastermind to build such a large and profitable LCO! And you're only 21! Dang, I wish I had the drive to build something like that....By the way what's the name of your company? Gosh, a secretay and a full time mechanic- I get both those jobs plus owner, operator, and everything else....You should go get a degree in like Landscape Architecture so you could start doing waterfall intallation and all those other really cool things......But you made one bad mistake, I don't really have anything against Dodge trucks, but I am a Duramax man all the way. Ford on the other hand, SUCKS BALLS! My 2001 Duramnax/Allison will crush any Ford out there! Hope you don't get too personal about trucks, or this could get real nasty- might have to move to the appropriate forum.

    Cheers to your continued success!
  4. Um, Aztalan, I know this guy, Swampbeast. He hired my brother, he is also the one who pointed me to this site. He said it was a great site, had lots and lots of good guys that know a lot. He told me to come to this thread first, said I would find it interesting.
    I wouldnt go calling him a liar. He is the owner of Mantis Lawns, the 9th largest LCO in the Houston area. Find out a bit more for ya start calling people out on the carpet, you know?
  5. Papa Wheelie

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    Sherminator obviously doesn't know sh$t about trucks. I wouldn't give you a squirt of cold p$ss for a whole train-load of Chevy's.
    Those things truley are pieces of crap.
  6. Sherminator

    Sherminator LawnSite Member
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    I wouldn't be so confident in my Chevy if I knew it was just a piece of crap. I have seen way too many old Chevys with 400,000+ miles on them and way too many Fords biting the dust at 150k. And I seen way to many Fords get their ----- kicked by a Duramax. Japanese engineering in the Isuzu engine is superior to anything the Fords have. Apparently you just haven't seen enough Chevys to see that they are THE superior truck. :mad:
  7. Randy J

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    Boys, boys! Obviously neither of you have been around enough Dodge/Cummins to see realize that they are by far superior to any other light duty pickup diesel out there!:)

  8. Sherminator

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    Randy, I have nothing against Dodge/Cummins at all, it's just that I can't stand Ford. If I was forced to buy a Dodge, well, you couldn't really use the word "forced". I'd just buy it. Ford however, you can just give me a Toyota Tundra 'fore I'll waste my money on something I'll be Fixing Or Repairing Daily. Last time I checked, it was the 6.0 L Powerjoke that that was shafting Ford buyers left and right. I hear that Ford doesn't even know how to fix half the stuff that goes wrong with that engine. On the other hand, I hear very few complaints about the Duramax.

    Anyhow, sorry to get Papa Wheelie all spooled up about this- I was just pointing out to the mighty Swampbeast that he should've gone with a Chevy.

    Later, y'all :cool:
  9. AztlanLC

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    Ok. I usually dont respond to trads unless thay are direct it to me.

    Ok. Mister Specterhunter

    You claim you are a friend of swampbeast here's a quote from you

    "I know this guy, Swampbeast. He hired my brother, he is also the one who pointed me to this site".

    Look in your profile where it says how you found about this site?

    Don't respond with the clasic "Yea I know I didn't put much attention to that question"

    this is another Quote from you

    "I started out when this fellow, who goes by the name of Swampbeast in this forum, let me use one of his mowers to start a little company of my own when I was 11, or 12."

    Ok. according to swampbeats he started in business 5 years ago, (his profile says 4 when he registred in 2002) and you started 7 years ago it says so in your profile.

    So either you are lying or Swampbeast is lying.
    By the way what happened to Swampbeats? he doesn't have more time to be in this forum anymore, or is it that you and him are more than just good friends.

    Things like that is what keeps me complaining abou coming up with a way to identified people whose only purpose is lie or tell stories.

    Please Sean look into this people more closely
  10. Sherminator

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    AztlanLC, I did not want to do this before but I am afraid I have to.

    I am a truthful and honest person, like most of the people on this forum, Swampbeast not included. I will explain.

    Swampbeast's real name is Austin Xxxxxx. My real name is Adam Xxxxxxxxx. He and I have been very good friends for several years. He has a strange addiction to telling people tall tales; I used to fall for them hook line and sinker when I first met him, but now he rarely fools me. Unfortunately most people do not know him as well as I, and believe all his stories. Here is the truth. You will notice that earlier in the thread I played along with his story just to make him think he had gained another admirer. But when specter hunter showed up, I had enough. Swampbeast is 18 years old, not 21 like he says. He works by himself maintaining somewhere between 16 - 20 small to medium lawns, not 437. He does actually have the '95 Ford, but he has not paid his dad a single ---- hair for it- all he has to do is pay for the fuel. Maint and insurance- dad's got it covered, son. His current rig consists of 1 Scag 48" belt drive WB and a 21" John Deere trim mower. He has one trailer, a 6.5' X 14' dual axle that he bought second hand a year ago. He has 2 trimmers, one edger, one blower, and one gas hedge clipper; all of them are Echo. He keeps all of this in a 12' X 24' storage building, and, you guessed it, his parents pay for at least half of the monthly rent.

    He did indeed start mowing his neighbor's lawn many years ago for $25 and he still does. In May 2002 he and I decided to begin mowing together. By the end of the summer, we had about 25 accounts and had recently bought the Scag I mentioned above and shortly after came the trailer. About 7-8 weeks ago, he bought me out (or rather started to buy me out) because I was leaving for college, Texas Maritime Academy (not Blockbuster). Currently I am pursuing a degree in Marine Transportation and I plan to sail as a Third Mate in the U.S. Merchant Marine with hopes of upgrading to a Master license and being a Captain. He is currently mowing about 12 lawns a week in his spare time and taking some liberal arts classes at a local community college. He genuinely hates mowing, and only continues to do it because it pays alot more than he'd be making anywhere else. He's not really sure what he wants to do in the future.

    He is registered as Swampbeast using his parents' email at home. Once he realized you didn't believe his tale, he used his own email account at the community college to create another account, in the name of Specter hunter, and then act as some outsider backing up his big lie. Apparently Swampbeast - and Specter hunter- forgot that their best friend and former mowing partner still visits Lawnsite.

    I hope this clears things up a little for you, and everybody else. I was having a little bit of fun playing along with him, but once he started to talk smack and bring in new characters, I thought it would be in everybody's best interest to bring out the truth. He does not know I let all this be known, and I'm not sure I will tell him, maybe he'll check back in and discover that his bubble has been burst.

    If you have any questions about all this, please lay them out and I will answer them. I'm not here on the weekends so if you reply then, just give me a day or two.

    Hope everybody had a good year, and continued success to all of you. :D

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