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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by kipcom, May 20, 2005.

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    One of our medium size properties decided that this year they wanted to start using their irrigation system ( after it had been off for 3yrs ) 1st question was "how much" ....Answer = BVP test and time + materials. The system needed a new BVP(old failed) & we repaired a total of 27 break points. The majority of the damage was from long spike aerators & bed edgers ( amature lady did it ) the rest were burst points from freezing. The big kicker was once we had it all repaired ...the system has 22 heads covering a total of less than 2k SF of turf. about overkill !!!! :dizzy:

    Moral of the story is..... maintain your system or you will pay the price & more to re-activate it later. NO cost savings in the end for not running it for 3 yrs.

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    Guess that the 22 heads wouldn't be out of line if the 2K of area were long narrow strips requiring a number of fixed spray heads with short radius nozzles. If this turf area is like an open lawn, I'd be tempted to cap some off and then install some rotors.

    27 break points? Oye vey... Perhaps with rotors, you could have ignored a number of those breaks by bypassing some lateral lines.

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