The Tale of an Underachiever

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by mtdman, Aug 4, 2003.

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    Good reading...this work is satisfying work...and anyone that knocks it is obviously insecure about themselves.

    Just a quick insight for you in regards to those around you who always made recommendations to get a 'real' job.

    Back in the late 30's, my grandfather was a milk man, and delivered milk to over 600 homes daily in Sacramento, CA. Often times, he would greet doctors, lawyers, professors, etc. and they would always treat him second class (after all, he was ONLY a milkman). Well, he only work 6 hours a day, from 4:30 AM until 10:30 AM, and made over 35K per year (which nowadays would be over 100K).

    He told me this story last year when I expressed to him how certain people (relatives, friends, etc.) would make fun of what I did. He told me he always got the last laugh, and that what was drove him to being so successful. He said that everytime he saw one of his customers, that when he said, "Good Morning", he would always whisper to himself 'ASHOLE' afterwards!!!! LOL

    He volunteered for duty in WW2, and then life changed for him...but being a milkman definately gave him a great outlook on life.

    Good luck to you in your endeavors!
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    If you had worked a little harder in school u could be making 200 to 600 grand right now as a doctor.... just a thought....its working hard when it matters thats what counts
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    Enjoyed the story. I can also relate. I'm a professional nuclear engineer working for a electric utility in N.C. but also maintain a small lawn business on the side. The utility has a flex schedule and allows employees to work four 10 hour days. I operate my lawn business on Thursday evenings and Friday. I have 22 customers and also maintain the common grounds area and three well lots owned by the local water company. All of my customers are located in the subdivision where I live so I have no driving time and STILL have the weekends free (though I must admit my Fridays are very intense)! My fellow co-woking engineers used to give me greif about my lawn business but I'd let them know that I was making more $$ per hour walking behind my mower than they were in that stale office envirnoment!
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    When I first came to this site, you were one of the few people whose opinion I respected, and your story confirms my belief in my own biz aspirations, thanks , man.
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    LOL! If I hadn't spent all my time watching cartoons, you mean? Nah, being a doctor wasn't for me, it really wasn't what I was interested in. After working in the lab and being around MD/PhDs all the time, I realized it just wasn't for me. Those people are incredibly dedicated and totally into what they do, and are some brilliant people. And they also spend ALL their time doing it. The guy I worked for would sleep at his office 5 nights a week, had been divorced twice. Despite the fact he was a doctor and made lots of $$, I couldn't see that he ever did anything to enjoy it. Not to mention he spent 12 years in school nonstop to get there.

    I spent 5 years at UofM, all were miserable. I enjoyed the education, but I did not fit in with the expectations everyone else had of life after school. Didn't know what I wanted to do. I certainly didn't look forward to spending my life in the professional rat race, and after spending 2 years working in a lab under ground with no exposure to the outdoors, I hated the thought of being trapped inside a building for the rest of my life. It just wasn't for me, and that's okay.

    My philosophy is this: There are lots of different things to do in this world, do what makes you happy. I created a business from scratch and I get to work in a field that I enjoy. I'm outside all day, I get 4 months off a year, and I'm the boss. While many people have asked me when I'm getting a real job, when I'm going to do something with all that expensive education, why I'm doing lawn care, I don't give a crap about that. I'm happy doing what I'm doing, and I got there on my own. But at the same time, I realize it's not for everyone and wouldn't recommend it to anyone who wasn't really into it, just like I wouldn't recommend being a doctor to anyone who wasn't really into it.

    txlawnking, THANKS!!

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    Great story!
    Thanks for sharing.

    I ended up just short of a masters degree after 11 years at 7 different colleges.

    Underachievement is Underappreciated!!!
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    Amen to that!

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    Where are you now?
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    He hasn't been on since 2012...

    Cool story though...

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