The test results say it all.

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    If you haven't seen these results before, take a closer look. It should be all the convincing you need to give Fluid Film a try. This test was conducted by an outside, independent laboratory certified by the City of Los Angeles Dept. of Building and Safety and run according to ASTM B-117 standards. All panels were placed in a salt-fog chamber consisting of a humidified solution of 5% salt water, which is a standardized accelerated weathering test designed to provide reliable indications of future performance. The salt-fog chamber envelops the test panels in this solution, creating a highly corrosive environment. You can see by the end results that no one was able to come close to acheiving the results of Fluid Film.

    If you haven't tried a can yet and you live within the Continental United States, just email me and I'll let you try one for free.

    You can purchase Fluid Film through your local John Deere dealer.


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