The Top 10 Commercial Mowers of All time

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by 603turfdepot, Aug 30, 2013.

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    Holy cow did you miss out on a lot. I'd say the first hustler (they were the first zero turn). Grasshopper (first front decks) grass hopper again (for first diesels in zero turns), hustler 108(first economical large deck zero turn) grate dane? (Where they the first stander???) Yazoo (first mower made for us as far as I know) john deere F series (first economical large property mowing machine). Scag velocity deck (obvious reasons) scag walk behinds in general (obvious reasons) the Dixie chopper twin engine (first ztr with a crap ton of hp, twice what anyone else had) walker (obvious reasons) encore mowers (first ground floating mower deck) lastec (first mowers deck that hugs the ground) ferris (first complex suspension system) scag cheetah (16mph), stiner (first mower that can handle 30+ degree hills)

    Ya, you missed a lot.
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    ^^^ I agree with you this list is a joke ^^^^^^^^

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