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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by mdvaden, May 5, 2007.

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    I give Topsites credit for the inspiration on this one. Just wrote a short article with some advice from the past few years experience...

    Totally fits with the "mad dash" I've been mentioning for months about search engine results rat race being like the gold rush where few got rich, but thousands foolishly hurried to get rich quick, striving to squeeze unlimited resources out of limited resources.
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    Yeah, didn't read the whole thing but the first few paragraphs were good enough, that's how I feel about it, too.

    You know I'll take a tweak if I can, but one has to be careful too because that stuff can backfire in more ways than one: First, the engine could penalize you, sadly enough they seem to penalize on a set of rules, which means you could be penalized for doing nothing, technically speaking. Second, your competitor(s) may be engine savvy, too, so there does come a time, one accepts a ranking for what it is before getting into a fight over it... Especially if, say some well-known domain has the spot over top of mine, I take it as a compliment that I'm second best and leave it be.

    Another oddity is I've got a competitor and we share spots 1-2 on an oddity of a 2-word keyphrase, as in:
    Kw1 + kw2 = I have spot 2, my competitor is #1
    kw2 + kw1 = I'm number 1, my competitor is #2

    Frustrating it is that kw1+kw2 is the more popular combination, but does it make any real sense? Not that I want to rank 2 for both, but shouldn't I, if this were to be truly ranked? And no, I don't think this particular case is monetized, at least mine is organic and I suspect my competitor's is, too. Again it's not that he or she doesn't deserve it, it's the disparity that bothers.

    But yeah, engines don't really send out millions of hits... Ok, yes they do, but never to one site or one keyphrase, I think one might get 1000 or so clicks / day for something super popular (and a ton of untargeted crap with it) but the cost involved is astronomical, to get a million clicks you'd literally have to rank number one for at least the 100 top keywords / phrases, it's not only not feasible or possible, but it's also just not worth it.

    Once the engine becomes well-known, I've got to the point I'd rather let them fend it out amongst themselves... A 100 dollar bill on the ground isn't worth the fight when 500 super greedy folks are out to grab it, I find I'm better off looking elsewhere, I might only find a 1 or a 5-dollar bill, but at least I'm either the only one or one of only few interested in it. The total reward is less of course, but considering the trouble per dollar, it pays off if in smaller ways.

    I guess we should all accept our position in society, which is to say I should be the absolute lowest POS on the face of the earth, then everybody else is happy. In and of itself I don't have too many delusions of grandeur, but you put so many years of work into something just to watch two other boiler-room web sites rise to the top, who is it that has to accept what, and why is it ok for them to make it but I have to accept nothingness as my lot in life? It does have something to do with the quality and that certain little secret sauce combination that makes visitors go to one site vs. the other, no argument there, but I've seen some serious crap up at the top, too...

    Sad, but unless you just happen to have more money than sense, I find the sidelines and the deserted areas a far safer, and more lucrative business, in the sense of clicks per dollar (whether paid or organic, cost is either per click or in terms of labor hours, organic results aren't exactly free, either). Then I guess we simply hope we hit the nail on the head, and in some ways I am happy with what I have, I shouldn't complain, but it sure is a LOT of work for the reward.
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    Ha...Ha...Ha.... :laugh:

    I was on a SEO forum a lot of today and posted this, plus picked away at some PR threads. Really raised the hair up on a few SEOs.

    And any reason they gave for the good of PageRank, was something that could be done without even considering it.

    Then all of a sudden, I start getting PMs from people on the side who wanted advice.

    All I could share was that I'm not a pro at. And that I applied dozens of tips from the SEO forums and that those tips worked flawlessly, but that one or two things did not and were reliable.

    Really can't say much more than the facts and what I've experienced.

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