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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by kountryscape, Jun 7, 2000.

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    Hi guys it's been along time since i sat at this computer and looked at the forum . I've been busy to say the least. I'm still doing work i got from the garden show in march i can't believe what a garden show does to boost a small company into the major leagues. hey got some new tools that i think any residential landscaper could use. #1 trench n edge trencher its a god send for putting brick edging in did 125 in no time flat took longer to get the trencher off the truck than to trench. level your base and install the bricks no big dirt clods to brake up like when you shovel your trench 2800.00 well spent. #2 dr. power wagon found in organic gardening magazine. this thing saves alot of back work with a regular wheel barrow i love it i haul bricks around the house behind the trencher ,dirt, mulch etc. fits threw gates and best of all on my s-10 truck quick and handy. #3 10 inch one man post auger northern hyd. catalog sweet i plant 2 gallon pots with ease. and i have the best dirt to back fill with soft no clods.<p>the outdoor structures i built for the show took off i have done three real good jobs and have 4 or 5 more to do , pergolas trellis, arbors, hot tub enclosers etc. <p>do what no one does and watch the people flock to your door . see ya jarrett<p>what do you guys have for tools that make your life go a little easier ?
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    I recently bought the Mantis. The mini tiller. This thing is great. I use if for all sorts of tilling applications. Best thing is it is light and easy to get into all spaces. It doesn't quite do the job on heavy clay sites but what does. It is also useful, since I can't afford a trencher right now, for creating a small trench in front of beds.<br>I am hoping next year to get a Toro Dingo. These things are awesome. If you do a lot of landscape jobs it is comparable to doing the work of two men. Do the math on the monthly payments of 600 dollars and you can see how it saves on labor.<br>Another neat little tool that I am considering buying for next year is a sod cutter. These things make establishing a bed simple.<br>I'd love to hear any other neat little tools people have used. I saw that power wagon thing in a commercial and it looks pretty handy.<p>----------<br>Integrated Landscape Solutions<br>Lexington, KY
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    Mattingly - If you rgoing to get a dingo why buy a sod cutter? I agree its a great piece of equipment, but unless your trying to salvage the turf you cut out, the dingo should be able to fill its shoes with a flat bucket, right? Have you used a dingo? I've seen them but never tried one. I wondered about the power. We have a couple of bobcats so we don't really have the need for one, just curious though.<p>----------<br>&quot;guido&quot;<br>David M. Famiglietti
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    i think with a little ingenuity you could turn an old walk-behind mower into the DR power wagon. The only advantadge that the DR might have would be a hydraulic dump, does yours have that? Parts would be easier to find for a converted WB. I have a tiller that goes on my FS-85 trimmer. It is amazing, i haven't used it for much work yet (to busy mowing, but i have work lined up) but i think i'll make $30-$100 an hour with it, depending on how i bid it. and its cheap, $300 for the FS-85, $130 for the tiller. I want to get a FS-200 (36 cc engine, versus 25 on FS-85) to help till faster and for a back up
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    Hey paddy,<p>Where did you get a tiller for the FS 85? I haven't seen one yet. Is it a stihl product, is someone else making it, or is it something you rigged up. Just wondering.<p>You said it would be nice for the fs200. I would have questions though. The fs200 has a wider diameter shaft than the 85, and therefore it may not be compatible if it was designed for the smaller shaft. (the only reason I know this is because I had thought about getting one of the new power broom heads for our fs350, but it is designed for the smaller shaft on the 85 and other smaller models)<p>steveair
  6. Toddppm

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    I was wondering about that tiller too?Just got the hedge trimmer attatchment for the fs85 friday 0-90degree, that thing works good but heavy. I have a powerwagon too, i don't think they offer it with a hydraulic dump. the beds balanced pretty good so not too hard to dump. Hauled about 6 tons of pea gravel with it last week, held about 400lbs at a time no problem dumping. Did break at the point where it pivots couple weeks ago hauling rocks. hardly tack welded on. I welded it back but going to have to make some brackets for it to get more area to weld to.
  7. steveair

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    Hello,<p>Just got a new &quot;Robolaser&quot; last week. Now, I now for some of you guys who can afford a good laser may laugh, but I'm very pleased. <p>It's working out great. Instead of needing two people to work the level and rod, I can lay out walls and walks all by myself. For under 300 dollars, I think its gonna earn its keep in time saved and in aggravation saved from telling my &quot;not always on the ball&quot; laborer where to hold the stick each time. <p>Was worried about the visibility of the beam outdoors, but had it out in a very bright area and was able to spot the beam pretty easily. Actually think its better than using the detector types, at least for my applications.<p>steveair<p><br>

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