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    Could the Trenchblade be one of those things that makes you say, " I wish I would have thought of that"? The fact is, most people who see this product utter those very words. The Trenchblade is a specialty blade that can be used on most stick edgers to turn it into a mini trenching machine. It is mainly used to maintain, reclaim, and create new bed lines.Check out this new product to see if it is something that you can utilize in your tool arsenal.

    For more information, visit their site at or contact James Cook at if you have any questions.

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    I purchased the trenchblade a few weeks ago and haven't had a chance to try it out until yesterday. It saved me hours. I had to edge the beds and mulch everything at one of my commercial properties. There are beds everywhere. I would have never finished if I had to hand edge everything. My method was: I went around and edged all of the beds and one of my guys followed me around with a flat shovel and a rake just to finalize the bed before the mulch was installed. I used it a lot yesterday and it didn't even seem to wear down that much. The price is very reasonable, if you ask me. When I first heard about the product I called them up to ask more questions and get some more info. I spoke to James Cook and he was very helpful and friendly. He explained the pricing, told me about the product and when it would be shipped. I got the exact day he said I would. I highly recommend the trenchblade.
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    What kind of edger do you have? Does it have enough power? Also did it create a nice looking edge and about how deep was it? I have used the edging machine in the past and they produce a real nice clean looking edge. I was wondering if it did the same job.


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    I have a Redmax straight shaft stick edger. It had more than enough power for what I do. Also, it creates a very nice edge, and it gives you about 2-3 inches. I've only used a bed edger a couple of times, but for the price I think its worth it (to me anyway). Hope that helps.
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    Those look nice! I have an edger attachment I put on my stihl FS250. I'm sure that would have enough power. I'm looking at ordering a few of those to try out.

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