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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by BMFD92, Jul 16, 2004.

  1. BMFD92

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    To me striping a lawn is a big issue. I love the professional look it gives. My mower can lay some pretty nice stripes but I see a lot of nice ones from other LCOs and by people on this sight. What is the secret to getting a good stripe? I know you can get striping kits but how do you get stripes without the kit?
  2. chevyman1

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    You don't, just get the kit. ZTR's stripe better too, and you can set their decks at a pitch to stripe better as well
  3. JB1

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    we don't have no striping kits and we get very nice looking stripes , a waste of money as far as i'm concearned.
  4. Tharrell

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    You need to join the union. Just kidding, let the grass grow to an acceptable height and bend it over it's that simple.
  5. Rob_2004

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    I was told (today) by a Ferris dealer that it has nothing to do with the striping kit, or the mower - but all to do with technique...?? He basically said it's all about cross cutting - which I do, but still don't get the look of what I have seen posted on this site.
  6. ThreeWide

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    If you spend a few minutes using the search function of this site, you will have everything you ever wanted to know about striping.

    It has been discussed here many many times, and there are too many topics to summarize in one response.
  7. barringtonbrothers

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    In my area it really depends on the grass and lawn I am cutting. I have some my Z will stripe like a champ on and it doesnt have a striping kit, others it dont do squat. My exmark with a roller will stripe some my Z cant really nice and when you cross cut the other lines still show up well, but there are some lawns I just aint gonna get to stripe. I think it has as much to do with the condition the lawn is kept as it does how you have your mower set up and the kind of grass your mowing. It seems like we have every kind of grass here.
  8. gl1200a

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    Exactly Barrington. If you have a lawn with alot of broadleaf weeds and think you won't get squat for striping. The thicker the lawn (with little to no weeds) the better the stripes.
  9. ThreeWide

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    Here is one (mostly tall fescue) that would stripe better if there weren't so many weeds. This lawn is more like mutt grass, since there so many types involved.

  10. kemmer

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    proslide, stripes great and fun to ride.

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