The truth about the time master

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by beachtownlawnservice, Apr 2, 2012.

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    Super wet here snow call.for her bed.weeding as of yet...:rolleyes:
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    I would have to agree with those that say an LCO should use a commercial machine. The Timecutter costs $1000.00, right? Well, for $1200.00 you can find yourself a used Ferris Hydrocut or the SnapperPro equivalent. It's 32", and will do just fine for years to come.
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    The problem with the WB 32 and 36 is the side catcher issue. So what happens is if I'm stuck bagging in tight areas you have to contend with a side catcher or I have to just use a slower smaller mower.

    A 28" to 30" rear bagger makes a ton of sense. Just needs to be a commercial mower not.weigh a ton.
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    Here's the thing you guys are missing when you say things like that. I HAVE TO BAG EVERYTHING. I don't want a mower with a goofy bag coming off the side either. I've had my time master for a couple of weeks. I like it so far, and we do about 20 yards a day as well. I have 20 yards to do tomorrow and my Walker broke the middle gear box on the last yard today. :hammerhead: So guess who is really happy he bought a timemaster! I would have a really hard time getting by with just a 21 tomorrow. As for it being underpowered: try turning up the RPM's a little, it helps dramatically.

    I know it's not gonna hold up very well. But for $1000 I don't care.
  5. TuffWork

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    Also, my dealer said he thinks they will be coming out with a commercial version in the next year or so. When they do I'll buy it.
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    What is a reasonable amount of hours one could expect to put on a residential mower like this per year ? 100 ...200 then replace it ? I was thinking about one because I would only use it 3 hrs per week for 27 weeks = 81 hours per year. I might get 2 years out of it just replacing the wheels etc.

    Thats how much I hate walking I mostly use ztr's, but this would save time and money probably for me, when I needed to use one..
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    I've seen homeonwer 21" mowers last well into the 750-1,000 hour range. This mower has many mixed reports. Some like it some hate. If it worked I would find it benificial but I'd like to try one for a day before making a decision.
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    I have a quick 36 just sitting in the shop no one will touch that single hydro. that is a man killer, but my wife has no probblen with this toro, yes it is heavier than the honda but it looks like the wheel base is shorter and it really is no problem turning in tight spots. Again, it aint no scag
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    When I first started out, I ran a Cub Cadet RZT 50" unit. It was actually a great machine. While it is homeowner grade, it did a great job with the cut and the durability of the machine was good. It did have a 22HP Kawasaki on it and it just kept going and going. I had over 1000 hrs on it.

    I am beginning to think that there may be some logic in buying a cheaper machine and trading it in when you get to say 800 hrs or so? Granted, the Cub I mentioned was almost $3000 new, so something tells me its quality was a little better than the $1000 Time Master in question?

    Call me nuts or whatever, but I need another machine and I am seriously considering getting another Cub RZT. Before you ask, yes, I have commercial machines on my trailer, a 52" Scag Vride and 48" Exmark Viking hydro. I also run a little gear drive Craftsman Pro 33" walk behind for the tight spots and cutting areas with junk and thick grass.
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    All other considerations aside, keep in mind the deck on this thing plugs up in a few passes in virtually all conditions. Then it starts throwing chunks and grass biscuits everywhere unless you stop and clean the deck, then it won't start for a good 20 minutes.

    NOT something I would want to be doing on someone elses lawn. Just my 2 cents.

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