The truth about Walkers

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Lawnworks, Aug 2, 2003.

  1. Lawnworks

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    I bought a walker and sold it w/in 2 months b/c I THINK they suck. And here are the top ten reasons why you SHOULD NOT buy one.

    1. Mowers cannot hold a hill even a very SLIGHT incline!!
    2. Tires cannot go up a slight wet incline.
    3. Yellow paint chips easily and mower loses its value quickly.
    4. The machine is fragile and you would not want to even touch rough terrain w/ it.
    5. The hydros are prone to go out.
    6. Engines last about half as long as engines on midmounts.
    7. Ground speed is low.
    8. Have fun changing deck height w/ four pins.
    9. Take up a lot of trailer space.
    10. Mower basically cannot mow wet grass - clogs, tires have no traction.

    I bought a walk-behind and lost $800 on my Walker. If you mow commercially I don't know how you can get anything done w/ those things. I could not cut 20 yards a day w/ a Walker like I can w/ my chopper. I did not even save any trim time w/ my Walker. Even the smaller yards, my chopper was quicker. No more yellow paint for me!!
  2. GLAN

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    OK thanks

    been using Walker for 3 problem..............:)
  3. pinnacle

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    Yep I know dozens of lcos down here that just can't get rid of em.
    Conditions in Australia are pretty rough and the Walkers just arn't built well enough to handle our extremes. The only yellow paint i'll touch is GD.
  4. mottster

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    the mowers can hold hills you just have to know how. I've held a 30* hill and i've only been using one for this summer.

    Try going up the hills backwards. the weight from the grass catcher and the engine will then be put on the drive wheels...otherwise they're on the rear caster...doesn't do much help.

    never had paint chipping problem. one of our machines at work is 5 years old and the paint damage on it is on the sides of the decks...don't know any mower that doesn't do that unless you like put a spray on bedliner all over it....hmm...good idea right there...

    We drive them off of curbs at full speed and nothing has ever bent,broken or even showed signs of damage. You just think it's fragile cuz the deck actually rides on the front casters and your feet are resting on it.. Mid mounts hang from the frame.

    the same 5 year old walker at work has never had any hydro problems on it with 1000 hours. just change hydro fluid as you're supposed to and it'll last very long time.

    once again...the 5 year old walker at work has same engine with 1000 hours...runs just as good as the two new ones we got this season with 250 hours.

    Customers around here seem to think that fast mowers are bad mowers. Walker's GHS need a certain speed to suck stuff up how they're supposed to. If it's to slow they have speed up kits that i think increase the top speed by2 mph or so.

    Almost all walk-behind decks are more difficult to change then your standard mid-mount ZTR's deck. In the recent Walker Talkmagazine the enginerring crew at Walker just came out with a single lever heigh adjuster for the Walkers as an option or add-on.

    Put the deck up to save space...try parking it crooked....try backing it onto the trailer instead of making it go forward.

    Never had a clogging problem in wet grass....maybe you should try slowing down and raising the deck. Were you using racing slicks for tires? Never had a problem with ours keeping traction in wet grass. Mid-mounts can tear turf up as well if you're not careful.

    two months is not enough time to learn how to properly use a walker. Yes, they are more complicated then your standard w/b or mid-mount ztr but with proper tuning and care i think they'll make any yard look better then any other mower straight from the factory. They already stripe nice so you don't have to spend extra money on a striping kit. Don't have to pay hundreds to add a bagger cuz they already have one. Sorry they didn't work out for you...I love em.
  5. Lawnworks

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    2 months not enough time learn to operate one? well that makes training just about impossible. Walker are not productive mowers. My chopper cut and walker cut are identical. Walkers are not efficient. If you want to make alot of money, midmounts are the way to go.
  6. Green Pastures

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    Whatever dude. I wouldn't take $500 more that what I paid for mine.

    I love my Walker.

    Just because the conditions in your neck of the woods aren't favorable to Walkers Downs't mean it's a crappy mower.

    Buy and use what you like, don't bother bashing those that you don't.

    Walker must be doing something right. They just more than doubled their manufacturing facilities.

    They are among the only mower brands that are shipped overseas.

    Ever seen a Dixie, Toro or an Exmark overseas? I could be wrong but I've never seen one, I have Walkers.
  7. pinnacle

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    Green pastures I live in Australia matey. We have TORO, GD, SCAG,FERRIS,EXMARK just to name a few. And we can think there crap if we want. If your mower didn't preform the way you wanted it to i am sure you would not be impresed either. I am sure your walker is great for your properties but not for others.

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    I used to run 2 Walker GHS. They are now both semi-retired. Why?

    Bagging is redundant when you can mulch.

    The GHS never did perform well in long wet grass which is the only time I really needed to bag.

    The Mulch & Discharge decks don't compare to a good WB or ZTR for pure cutting capability.

    They were eXpensive to Repair & Were somewhat more difficult to maintain. To their credit repairs were few & far between.

    I still use them occasion in late fall or early Spring But will never buy another unless they Pump up the HP on that Funky Walker WB Tractor.
  9. ECLC

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    Man I dont know what your talking about.
    Walkers can not be compared to a chopper, your talking about a mower that needs to be out cutting hog farms, not some well kept residental home.
    You need to compare apples to apples.
  10. mowdini

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    Lawnworks I couldn't agree with you more. The Walker is a very, very HIGH maintainence machine--no ifs, ands or buts about it. If you can't learn to operate a machine in two months than there is something wrong with the machine.

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