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    Hello everyone! For the Mods, thanks for a great Lawn Care forum. Tons of good info to read through and digest. And I'm not excluding the members who post information that they don't have to. Of course, you can always tell people with good work ethics... they don't mind sharing because they let their work do their talking. :)

    A little about me.

    My name's Scott and I am starting a lawn care company here in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It actually started out as my wife's idea as something the boys (ages 12 & 14) could help with in the near future.

    This is a second job (or fourth or fifth) for me lol. I am a full-time police officer for the city and work nights.

    I hope not to fall asleep on the mower :sleeping:

    I also am a web designer & developer, but haven't made much profit with that for some time... I somehow find myself designer for free all the time.

    Anyway, my website is and is under construction currently so don't expect too much. The current index page is

    Look forward to asking tons of stupid questions :) Thanks!


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