The Ultimate Leaf Grinder?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawrence stone, Oct 21, 2000.

  1. This afternoon I am going to drag my 48" toro recycler deck (circa 1991) out of storage. I plan to hook it to a kohler 16 magnum traction unit and install double blades (stock blade on bottom and a gator on top).

    News and pics at 11.
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    Stone I just started a new thread asking about double blades will your pics show how they go on. I use a Toro 44" and a Toro 48" outfront Z. I would like to see how this is done.
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    Lawn Cruiser, You need to cut the cradles in order to use two blades on a Toro unit. Try running a search on double blades, there is a lot of discussion on this topic.
  4. Well the double blade setup on a 48" recycler did not work. The deck is not deep enough for the bottom blade scattered the leaves out the front (blow out).

    Before I put this deck in storage about five years ago I bought a set of gator blades for this oddball (toro only proudced them for 3 years in the early 1990's)but I did not
    use the gators for leaf grinding.

    Actually the single gator blades setup works great. This deck is more power hungry that even a 62" deck. If fact this machine could use a 22 hp command for power to live up to it's full potential.

    It works like a Walker (only better) for the right and left 23" blades counter rotate into one another. This deck is not a good choice as a front line mower for you need to slow down the ground speed to cut thick wet turf and the underside needs to be pressure washed daily. But it makes a good leaf grinding companion to the 52" side dischage since the 48 has a downdraft discharge it keeps the leaves out of the landscape beds you just cleaned.

    Where the 48" recycler really shines is in areas like apartment complexs where there are safety issues with a side discharge machine and around landscape beds.

    I consider this machine to be the ultimate trimming mower.
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    What is that on there Lawrence? An old Kohler 18.5 opposed twin? A guy tried to sell me one of those for my GRAVEly but I had to buy a whole Sears Crapsman tractor to get it. That sure is one wide engine.
  6. Richard that is 16hp magnum.

    Back in the old days (1985) toro walk behinds only had two deck sizes a 36 and a 52.

    They offered 3 engines a 8hp B&S I/C, 11hp B&S I/C, and the
    16hp Kohler Magnum.

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