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    Dudes..... I found the most awsome wheel barrow for us , the dirt workers........ Check this out...... It's got your choice of tubs, from 6 to 10 cube feet, choice of single or dual wheel, and get this...... The wheels, are wide turf tread tires , like the ones on walk behind mowers, just not as wide....Just think how nice they must be to push through loose dirt or over gravel or such... must be alot easier than the " grave digger " tires on most barrows.. They are made by Brentwood Industries, they have a web site ,worth checking out.. just ordered one today cannot wait to get it ... who whoooo..
  2. Evan528

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    I just bought the 10cu ft one last week! What a beast of a wheel barrow! The wide tires make it very easy to push but I almost think the wheel barrow is a little to big. My employees are not very tall and can barly see over the top when they push it (kind of funny to watch:p ) It cost me 300 bucks...Ill let you know in a couple more weeks whether it was worth this much money.
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    I saw one the opther day in a catalog that fit on the deck of a wb

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    I ordered the 6 cube one with dual wheels, So I can load it up with top soil or gravel and still be able to move it... The 10 is too big... For mulch its good to have the bigger ones , But Find them more combersome than anything...
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    I think we'll stick with the tracked powered wheelbarrows, I had enough trouble getting our crews to push regular sized wheelbarrows before we purchased the tracked ones we are using now.
  7. DavidD

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    I Prefer my Diesel powered Wheelbarrow The one made br Ingersol. :cool:

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    Evan528, Did you get the one made by Brentwood ?? cause The price they gave me was like half of that ...I dont have any dealer s by me, so they let me order direct from them.. The retail is like $125 . for the one you are talking about according to the list they gave me.. Ughhhh... The one I got was only $80.00....

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