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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DAZ982500, May 22, 2005.

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    I picked up a new customer this year, last week she asks me to clean up the border of her yard.This area is very over gown with weeds,bushes and small trees and alot of leaves.She also wants a small metal mesh fence removed in addition to some construction material removed, mainly wood.I agree to perform the work. I did not give her a price do to the uncertainty on the time. I did tell her my usually rate was 35/hr.She said ok.I started the work Saturday, worked 4hours the first 2.5 hours was removing this fence which was buried in the ground and alot of the organic growth had grown through it making nearly impossible except with wire cutters and shears to remove this thing without cutting all growth out completly.I cut some of the larger trees down gathered and go :angry: out of there. I will start fresh monday.I anticapted that this would be 4-6 hours its a good thing I did' nt give her a price I think I am going to be here alittle longer than I expected.Have any of you expected, whether it was time,cost, or ease of job miscalculated then either had to renegoiate the price or bite the bullet because of this error.I bring this up because I cut the ladies lawn for 22 bucks takes maybe 20 minutes to do.I don't think she is loaded and the neighbor tried to get me to do for nearly nothing.I hope she is not expecting a 100.00 dollar billing because she will be in for a surprise or I will be taking a bath.Daz.
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    When I work by the hour for a customer and its the first time to do so for that particular customer. I want them to be there when I work. I then update them after a couple of hours on how long it has taken and what the bill is so far. I then ask them if they want me to continue or is that enough?
    22$ yard is well below my minimum. A 22$ customer should definitly be updated
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    Thats what I would do also.

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