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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by LandFakers, Feb 24, 2013.

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    I agree trucks should not almost be free with 100k on them, i still consider that fairly low, but 100k miles and 3 years of age should knock off more than a few percent of the original price when new.

    And yes that does include a 3-4 yard rugby dump body. You can get them for around 35k without a body on it
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  2. JDGlandscape

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    But if thats what these trucks are going for maybe ill get one for a few years rack up 100k miles and sell it for only a couple grand less than what i paid for it new lol
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    You would think id like them considering we share the same name. Now a pick up truck they are ok. But once you go beyond factory options that site is absolutely worthless. They have no formula for dump trucks what so ever. Hell my 2 new ones are not even a size they will list. 4500s are less common and thus I guess they felt no need to figure that size out.

    Now I just sold a truck 5 weeks ago. It was a 99 laramie 3500 quad cab with a 9 foot reading dump brand new good year armors. Trailer mirrors nice after market head deck an alcoa rims. Had trailer brake mod the hitch running boards basically a loaded truck. The flaw that year and many that followed had a bad block that cracks on the water jacket and she leaked coolant. It wasn't the end of the world we drove it 50000 miles that way. But every single SOB that texted "seems calling is so 90s so they all stay anonymous and text ya now" was on the fence and struggling with the decision. On the one hand its a fully loaded truck on the other it has a serious engine flaw. So I put it in for 8 k with hopes of getting 7k and 2 weeks later I accepted 6700.
    But one after another tried to beat me down to 5k and they would say well the motor has a crack and I would respond yes I know its the reason I am asking 8 k and not 12 like it would be worth no questions asked if it didn't have the crack.
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    I'm waaaay upstate NY..... Market for diesel's pretty much the same up here but I actually just came up on a gem on Craig's list.... 2003 F350(i know, i know... the 5.4) 10ft. dump bed, duallys, 8 ft. straight blade western plow, 54,000 miles... For 7,000! There is very little wear anywhere on it as it was sprayed down every night... This truck is the reason that I love craigslist... you can always find a gem you just have to be patient...
  5. 4 seasons lawn&land

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    you need to look around alot for those good deals. What amazes me the most is prices on used car lots and how they are keep the business open.
  6. Justin

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    I work for a diesel shop in North Carolina. I mainly work on 6.0's and the guy I work for works on the 6.4's and 7.3's. There is a few different ways to skin a 6L. You can spend a few thousand doing head studs,egr delete, and a few updated parts from ford and have a truck that will serve its purpose.Or get a fixed egr cooler from bullet proof if you live in a emmission county. As long as you service a 6l and 6.4 they will do great. 6.4's can make some very good pulling power and get good milage if you know the right person to make you a good ECM tune. I'm not going to debate ford vs other makes here. All I know is you can make a 6L or 6.4 a very reliable tow rig and get good milage if done right and by the right person:cool2:
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    Large prices does not mean they are getting them. I can't give away a 2001 2500hd we have. It looks used, but mechanically it is one of the best deals out there. i can't even get anyone to make an offer and I'm asking for about half anything comparable. Then you have these guys that spend $500 on a detail job and all of a sudden they have a $15000 rig that blue books for 10. I would rather see the dirt. I would never buy a car that had the engine steam cleaned cause I want to see the way it was.
  8. LandFakers

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    I think that the problem is 2 fold, the Gov't for making company's have to comply to these extremly strict emissions garbage, and the owners of modern day diesels. The Gov't created the problems with modern day diesels. The equipment put into place is ruining the reputations of diesel motors, and with that, the pre-emission trucks become worth their weight in gold once people start getting 10mpg's and having their diesels go into the shop at 75k miles. People base thier opinions on experience and everybody and their mother has experieces with all the 7.3's, 5.9's, and 6.6's out there and with just a quick google search you can figure that out. This creates a demand for these trucks, and seeing as they are no longer produced people can pretty much ask whatever they want. You see these high prices, but believe me people are paying them, and its ruining the market.

    And I know people can make these newer motors last equally as long as their previous decade brothers, but why would I ever buy a truck, and immediately dump money into it just so I can get to 200k on the odometer without having to spend even more money? Thats just insanity. Once the Gov't got extremely involved is when it went down hill, and believe me folks, it wont be getting better any time soon.

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