The Value of a Written Service Agreement

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by xpnd, Feb 21, 2003.

  1. Turfcouncil

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    Are You serious?
    That's real profesional.
  2. CCLS

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    You are psycho, that kinda **** will get you into some serious trouble. Not to make this sound bad, but I can understand why they wouldn't pay you. You are better off getting them where it hurts, in the wallet. I must say, that is definately NOT professional. I'd hate to see you when you were really mad. :angry:
  3. John from OH

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    JVS, the others have given you good advice on handling your customers concerns.

    We're having a record setting season and we've had a few complaints about statements. After several mild winters, most clients are used to seeing these amounts month after month. A few things I've learned.

    Bill more frequently to reduce the clients "shock" when seeing the monthly total.

    Daily invoicing or storm invoicing.

    These will reduce "snow amnesia". Most clients don't remeber how many times or how much snow fell in a storm a month ago.
  4. dannyc33

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    your right I did go alittle crazy, but like I said this guy is a real a-hole. He lived just a block away from me and problems with payment went on for 6 months, and I litterly made hundreds of trip just to get payed. I know I should have dropped him, but I didn't. He was always trying to screw me, but again, I don't won't to go into details.
    I'm a real layed back and calm guy, but when you try and screw me I get pissed, and I wasn't even that mad :). But anyway I feel better, which is more important then the $28, it's a matter of principle, not money. and I've been compensated!!
  5. wallzwallz

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    Dannyc33, did you ever hear about the mustang mechanic who beat on a customers car and then bragged about it on public message board? maybe someone has a link for you, you should read it.
  6. ronslawncare

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    danny i feel for you but i also think youre nuts ,i had a customer that didnt pay me and dodge me for 4 mnths finally saw him while doing his neighbor property ,i said very nicely calmy hi mr xxx do you mine paying me for july ,he stopped and said what ,"you owe 4 weeks payment still" yea right sue me for it laughs and walks away. I yelled guess you need it more than i do ,turn around finish my work.But i keep it on a professional basis i felt like killing the guy but i knew if i acted inappropetedly i probally lose the neighbors job also.
  7. adrianvbarrera

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    No disrespect but you over did it.

    You could have gotten shot over this and the guy might have walked free because he was defending his property. Lets say he shot you on your back paralyzing you....then the rest of your life you would be in a wheel chair pondering if the "principle" was worth flushing your life for. "All over $28"

    Just a thought.

  8. Mykster

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    You need to grow up. I can't believe you're admitting to this on a public're real smart.

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