The Value of Joining Industry Associations

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Whitey4, Feb 6, 2008.

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    In the short time I have been on this message board, I haven't seen this discussed very often, usually just a mention here and there. Frankly, my association, the NSLGA has been incredibly helpful for me.

    Not only do they offer 30 hour pesticide training courses to get certified, they also supply legal labels for attaching to pesticide customer contracts (standard labels are not legal here, the type is too small), they went to bat for me when the county consumer affairs office refused me a license, hand held me in preparing to become registered as a pesticide company with the state and are there to give advice at any time.

    They also lobby Washington and Albany for us, sponsor conferences for vendors to exhibit, bring in all sorts of experts for seminars and workshops, keep us up to date on any DEC or other government policy changes, offers us a chance to network with other green industry companies in out area with monthly meetings.... it goes on and on. They have even helped guys with voilations to get their penalties reduced. The NSLGA has influenced laws that could have really set the industry back here. The more members, the louder our voice.

    A few of the board members know our senators and congressmen on a first name basis. Same for officials on the state and local levels. They do all they can to prevent illegal operations with undocumented workers from stealing business from legit outfits. We have 1700 members, and 200 associate members, consisting mostly of suppliers to the green industry.

    Is anyone a member of local associations? I would have had a much more difficult time of getting up and running without the NSLGA. Are other associations as active as this one is?
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    Michigan Turfgrass Foundation. Been an active Foundation for 75 years. Supports university research.
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    Yes there are many

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