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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jnm4, Dec 15, 2003.

  1. jnm4

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    I'd like to know if the price tag ($4700) is justifified for a 2003 42" Walker W/B?? This includes a micro-mulchind deck. I 'd really like to here my anyone that owns this Walker W/B.

    I was impressed with the throttle controls. Before the dealer ran the mower for me...I thought a big no-no when I saw those pistol grips, but to my surprise Walker has designed the mower were you utliize a "button" to engage the hydro transmission. I know I probably described that wrong, but my point is I thought it was a good feature to reduce wear-n-tear on my hands.

    I'd like to know both pro's & cons' of this Walker.

    p.s. For all the readers that will respond by saying get a "so-n-so" I already have Exmark pegged as my 2nd choice.

  2. zero_turn_mowers

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    I tried it out at the Expo in Louisville and it was real nice but I couldnt justify the price, I havent seen a dealer in my area have one in stock, one said he would order a person one but they are to expensive to stock, I would buy a small deck rider before I spent that much for a Walk Behind, I had rather ride than walk any day.

  3. walker-talker

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    I test drove one last year and was equally impressed with the "button" throttle control. I already own one Walker tractor unit and two ghs and discharge. I thought with would be a great answer if I needed another mower, but here's the problems. At the time, they only offered the unit with a 15hp engine and I need that to power a 52" deck and pull me behind a sulky.....I don't think so. Give me a 20hp and I'll consider it. I think the unit without the deck was around $4K. There was a lot of negative response from people about this mower because it was going to cost $4K for the unit...then another $2K for a deck. This is not something that is targeted towards someone who is going to take this route. I think it's more targeted towards somebody that is my postion.....who already owns a couple of decks already.
  4. Cut 2 Please

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    I tested one for a couple of days this summer and was extremely disappointed. It does not stay on a hill any better than a walker rider. The traction was poor and it got stuck very easy. The unit I was using had a problem with the speed control switch and I was constantly fighting it to get the exact speed that I wanted. As far as the power it was not as bad as I thought it would be pushing a 52" mulch deck. The power did not sway me at all in my opinion of the mower, it was strictly the handling.
    I am in the marked currently for a new WB and have narrowed my decission down between the Exmark TTHP 48" and the Gravely Pro H 48".
    Good luck with your decision. My advise is demo the Walker. You might like it better than I did.
  5. BrandonV

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    Anyone got somthing more up-to-date on this mower?
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  6. WalkerRunner

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    Our local Walker Dealer has had one of these in stock for the past "many" years...I guess you could say that it's an old stock/new item. As mentioned, these walk behinds are so very expensive and under-powered. Not competive at all. A person can purchase a stand behind for less and with more power. I have tried to purchase this old/new unit a couple of times, but he will not reduce which I feel is poor business. I would think it would make more sense to unload it and put the money where it would turn over quicker. Oh well, it's his choice...and my choice was between a John Deere or Toro. After reading comments on this site about the walker walk behine...I think I made a good decision. Good luck with spending your hard earned money.
  7. oldclawn

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    We've used one for several years with zero issues. I expect it to be on one of my trucks for several more years.
  8. travski

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    I bought a 2003 MT26GHS for $6K.... I'd say if you are going to spend close to $5K for a walk-behind you might as well pay a little more and get the real deal. If you just need a walk behind, than I'd go with something newer and half the cost like a Toro mid size. Just my 2 cents but you can do whatever you think is best for your business.

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