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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by EZTarget, Apr 12, 2004.

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    Interested in Lawn care and I know there is much hard work and so much to learn. I am curious as to what you do or how you supplement your income over the down months during the winter. For southern guys. I guess alot up north do snow?

    Do you work enough / earn enough in the summer to carry you through the winter?

    Do commercial accounts cover the winter? If so and they are enough to carry then, arent they enough to carry during the summer.

    Thanks for any informative responses
  2. twins_lawn_care

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    planning ahead, and budgeting your income to cover those months you do not work. Snow removal is possible in the northern areas, but in a lot of regions you cannot count on it, so you'd better make sure to make enough over the summer months. Other options are to work part time doing something when there is nothing green to take care of.

    In general, if working full time at lawns, you should be able to generate enough income for the entire year, given the 8 months or so of work.
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    ditto that...

    over the winter, you do whatever it takes to make a buck, if you need it. part-time job w/ a large landscaping company is always a possibility. selling firewood, plowing, land clearing, etc.

    the best case senerio is not to have to do anything because you planned appropriately during the last season. then you can hunt ALOT, take care of the children, work on your house, grow a beard, be a pain in your wife's @ss, etc. once you actually make enough in a year to be able to set enough aside to make it, it is up to you alone to save the money you need. some things to take into consideration aside from the usual (rent/mortgage, car/truck payments, etc.) are: start up costs for the next season (advertising, first months payroll, job materials, etc), taxes, tax preparation, christmas presents, any important birthdays. just to name a few.
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    YES, sounds good, sell some firewood, do some "odd jobs" whatever it takes, and always be ever so grateful you dont have to punch a damn timeclock at a 9-5 job, with an A hole for a boss!!! Been there and done that, and I would never ever go back again.

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