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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by pilgrimicron, Feb 15, 2005.

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    I apologize if this is in the wrong section but I thought it was the best of the choices that I had. I have a huge problem and it is really making for a tough time here.

    I have 2 acres of wide open yard with not much on it but our house and a few small to medium sized trees. The yard is mostly weeds and is a very sandy soil. The problem is that it in completely overrun with sand spurs. They stretch the entire length and width of the yard. I have 3 little girls that love to play outside but the sandspurs are so bad that during the summer they hate going out. They have become experts at picking them out of their feet and hands. Our shoes, pants legs, carpet, everything gets them. What do I do to get rid of them? I really do not have much money which I know is a problem in the solution. Someone told me that I could burn the yard over and that would do it but it just seems too easy. PLease can anyone help me here. My kids would greatly appreciate it.
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    maybe you should attack it 1/4 at a time. 2 acres is alot to take on if you dont want to spen alot. Just kill the weeds, seed and establish that section and so on. There is no real cheap way to establish a 2 acre tract.
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    You might want to have someone treat the yard with Image or Momentum, Three Way, etc. It'll take some time, but if you do that, in conjunction with applying a preemergent, you should get rid of the problem in time. Good luck.
  4. Garth

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    First, I have no idea what "sandspurs" are but I assume you are talking abot Tribulus terrestris also known as puncture vine and my favourite "goatheads". As far as that is concerned use a pre-emergent containing trifluralin or pendimethalin if they are in ornamental beds and in lawn areas apply herbicide containing dicamba or methanearsonic acid. Also there are weevils that can be purchased that feed on the stems and seeds( thorns) of this plant. I've heard they are very effective in large gardens or on farms. If you are using glyphosate to control them be aware that the seeds from this plant can stay viable in the soil for seven or more years until conditions are right for germination. Roundup will kill the plants but the seeds will come up next year. I remember that the website that has links to the company that sell the weevils is something like or very similar to that. Best of luck to you and I hope the info is helpful.-Garth
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    If you are talking about the sandburrs that are the grassy kind, these will be tough buggers to control. Acclaim xtra sprayed when they are young will kill them but it has been my experience that one app will not do the trick. be warned, you will get sticker shock when you see the price of Acclaim xtra(400 and some odd dollars per gallon in my area). The other problem(in my area, SD) is that when we get rain, you get a whole new crop of them. To compound the problem, these seeds are viable for many years. You can try ronstar g as a pre emergent as well. I am going to try to use a product called drive on these type of sandburrs next year. I do not have any easy answer to control these guys, mabey the extension agent in your area can be of some help.
  6. Garth

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    Sandburs or grassbur, as a friend in Texas told me is Cenchrus echinatus and is in the Gramineae (Poaceae) family which are grasses. Quote,"For post-emergent field sandbur (grassbur) control, use MSMA or DSMA. These products will do a good job of controlling the field sandbur (grassbur) when it is young. As the sandbur (grassbur) matures, it becomes more difficult to obtain effective control with MSMA or DSMA. A few years ago, I discovered that by mixing some Imazaquin ( Image ) with the MSMA you could enhance the control of field sandbur (grassbur). The rate for this mixture is 2.0 lbs. active ingredient per acre of MSMA plus .38 lbs. active ingredient per acre of Image. For example, if using Greenlight's MSMA Crabgrass Killer use 2 Tbsp. per gallon of water and add Cyanamide's Image at 6 Tbsp. per gallon of water. The gallon of spray should cover 1,000 square feet. Remember, MSMA cannot be used on St. Augustine or Centipede lawns. For these turfgrass areas, you will have to rely on the use of a pre-emergent herbicide."(end quote) This information is from James McAfee, Phd, Associate Professor-Turfgrasses. University of Texas.
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    I grew up in the Sandhills of N.C.and as teenagers we would fling the things at each other.They can be very painful if I remember correctly.Mix MSMA and Sencor and eventually you will get them under control.It won't be a one shot deal.Good luck!
  8. upidstay

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    If all you have is weeds, why noy use Roundup? If there ain't nothing worth saving anyway, why not go with a guarentedd kill? I have yet yo come across a small plant that 1-2 max rate shots of Roundup won't kill.
  9. JoeinJasper

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    Where in Middle Ga. are you? Msma or Dsma will control sand spurs in Bermuda, but will kill Centipede grass.
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    I have been watching this thread to see if anyone came up with a better answer than I. I am posting now with information I learned many years ago and have found to work well and cost effective.

    Roundup is the most financially successful pesticide ever produced. It was actually a mistake in the R & D lab. Roundup was invented as a Growth Regulator and later found to work as a select and non select herbicide depending on the Active Ingredient applied. Now this back ground information is important to know. You can do many jobs with Roundup.

    In the citrus industry they need bare ground under the tree's drip line to allow air to reach the hair roots. Aeroponics is a form of hydroponics that increases growth rate because of more oxygen going to the roots. The citrus industry therefore sprays under their trees with a high active ingredient roundup. They also use a double tank double boom system to spray between the trees with a lower Active Ingredient at the same time to cut labor costs. The rate they spray roundup between the trees, is no greater than 0.5 oz of 41% Roundup per gallon per thousand sq ft. This slows the grass down to a point that they only have to mow it several times a year. Now because Sand Spurs have a broader leaf surface and different morphology than turf grass. The same rate that slows the growth of grass also kills sand spurs.

    BTW Roundup as a growth regulator is best used in agriculture where appearance is not a concern. It will take a while and many treatment to finally control the sandspurs no matter what you use to treat them. A good heavy fertilization of your turf will help hide the many sand spur stickers that are already there.

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