The Yellow Pages, man is it expensive

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by studentlawn, Jun 5, 2003.

  1. Lawn-Scapes

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    I took a Yellow Book ad out for the first time this year. It's a 1.5" in column bordered ad. Cost is $40/month. I believe I've received 3 calls.. $350 aerate & seed job I did, a $47.50 weekly cutting job and the other nothing. We'll see how it goes the rest of the year.. but not what I was hoping for. I'm glad I didn't spend any more than I did.
  2. mtdman

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    I have gotten a lot of calls from my ad, but right now I can't handle any more work. So I'm cutting the add in the next book, just going with the name. I thought the ad rep was going to cry. 1.5 inches in red for $190/month is too much.
  3. Mike Bradbury

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    Yellow book, yellow pages, OTHERS.
    Yellow pages USED to be a captive audience. It was the only thing people used. Now our area gets THREE different phone books. Nobody knows how many people use which, most people don't even know which they use. The effectiveness overall is WAY down due to the dilution of market presense. Yellow page ads SHOULD have come WAY down in cost since the duplication, hasn't happened.
    "PostMasters" is a non profit wing of the United Way that does all types of mailings. See if there is one in your area. WAY cheaper than anyone else!;)
  4. jeff_0

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    wow, i pay $127 for a credit card size ad.. i get more calls then i can handle.. i refer them to other companyies for chemical treatments.. and for lawns i tell them were booked.. i just started my buisess last year and have gotten 20 yearly customers a year from it.. but i could have gotten plenty more if i had the time.. i guss just maybe in my area it works good.. i talked to 2 other lawns company owners both said they are getting too many calls that they can do so they can't take anymore.. i'm in that some boat now and i see why... too many calls from the yellow pages.. works great..
  5. Green in Idaho

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    Jeff which directory in MD do you advertise in? Town? Maybe the difference is you have a really good ad!

    Care to share it? or by the directory those interested can see it for themselves....
  6. jeff_0

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    i advertize in lawn maintenance if i'm not mistaken.. Maybe it's just where i live that there's a big demain for it.. You would think with everyone with a lawnmower behind there car or in there trunk that there wouldn't be but for some reason the calls keep coming.. My dad and old brother did lawn maintenace a while back and he said in june things slow down.. i got 4 calls earlier this week for grass cutting and got all 4 jobs.. usually i would of told them i'm to busy but a few of my clients have moved and 1 just bought a mower. my ad is nothing special.. just looked at other ads and put a few of the same things there.
  7. Green in Idaho

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    So, what city book do you advertise in?
  8. Green in Idaho

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    Jeff, what city book do you advertise in? as in what city are you in? What's your business name?
  9. DaveHLLC

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    Yellow Book is a huge waste of money. Had a 1/4 page add for around $500 a month. I've gotten about 20 calls for the entire year and thats including a free 1/8 th page add in lawn mowing. Huge waste of money. Not only that but when it was time to renew and I told them it was a waste they tried to get me to at least by a smaller ad. Why would a smaller ad be better than a big ad? If that's the case why did you sell me the big ad in the first place. All they want is your money, no concern over the fact that thier product is worthless.
  10. My ad was 1 colom x 2 inch ONLY $300 per Month x 12 = $3,600

    I took my $3,600 and did some other advertising.

    I cant see spending $3,600 for year round advertising that I only need 3-4 months out of the year.

    I can take that money and go all out during that 3-4 months

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