The ZTR somebody should build?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Realslowww, Jun 26, 2012.

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    is anybody else annoyed by the 's on every plural word and his lack of ability to listen to what people tell him.
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    If you want to school me on grammer I will listen to that :) are you talking about economics or the ability to make a more efficient lifestyle. School me please!
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    Those slopes do not look that steep to me,but the machine does a nice job and does not slide.

    Weight is your total enemy in handling. Just look at the difference of a Nascar lap time and a Indy car lap time at the Indy race way.

    And I am not saying a new Super will not hug like a old one or better but 200 pounds of extra weight does not help at all.

    I have had a total of 4 Z's Exmark 60,JD 60,Scag 61,Super z 60 and a Super 72 and to my recollection none of them could hug a hill like this 72.

    I do not know what it is but you can get in a 1 to 2 oclock stance going sideways on a hill and this baby will hunt. I had to quit doing it because the engine and hydraulics on this mower are not up to it.That being said I was shocked to find out how a well designed Z could hunt on a hill like this.

    The grades it can attack with stock tires on the 72 are on par with my 36 belt drive which has new rear tires also and me walking the slopes with cleats.

    The problem is it kills the grass and leaves weeds but this is a road embankment.The mower has never given a hint of instability either it just starts to slide more.If it is wet forget it no traction.

    For whatever reason the job site has swicthed to a Super Z from Dixies and it is a DOT property.I asked the property care guy on site about it and he said he wanted to try one.

    I do not know how steep it is but I do know I have to walk it with cleets but I am also 300 pounds and I can testify to weight being a enemy on hills! :laugh:
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    That is the only good one I have ever seen,thank you for finding it for me I was looking for it again recently and could not find it.

    I saw those on the net about 4 or 5 years ago and they were blowing a 60 inch model out for 18 or 19 hundred. I made the mistake and bought 2 Swisher 60's and paid like a 1000 a piece for them slightly used and now I know why everybody was selling them because they are total and I mean total JUNK!

    When the economy was going big time in 06 I was gearing up to do alot of work then it just tanked and all the excess mowing stuff I bought was no longer needed.

    Everybody started cutting prices in half and I am not doing that.

    Again thanks.
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    I went and visited the website and the prices have jumped a 1000 $,not only that it looks like now they are having the same people who make the Swishers or Swisher them self make the new unit. The unit in your video looks different than the one on the current website.

    You can see if you were to put 2 such units on a mower you would have a real turf eater. But if that thing is of a Swisher design they are junk! to light duty!

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