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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by mtdman, Jan 25, 2004.

  1. mtdman

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    Our local movie theaters show these slides with trivia, advertisement, etc in the theaters prior to the show. They sell space to local businesses, and I had thought about doing it. Anyone ever try this, have any success?

  2. LawnsRUsInc.

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    a neighbor with a local carpet cleaning company does it but he wont tell me how well it works but for what he pays on it i dont think it has a good turn around. He is solo and the comp has been around for 6 years and i see him at my office sitting in his van i say hi while he is sitting there reading a book and he tells me he is hiding from his wife???? So i never decided to do it it costs him 1500 for a year cont.
  3. SWD

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    Dependent upon customer base of the movie theater, the level of immediate exposure is quite high.
    What you need to do is call a few of the businesses that advertise there and determine what their call volume is vs other advertising sources.
  4. mtdman

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    I also wonder if the customer base would be wrong. I am not sure what the demographics are for movie goers, but I would assume it is mainly younger, single, non-homeowners.

  5. tiedeman

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    I have been curious about the movie ads as well. The problem that I think what happen is what MTD said, and that they are a younger crowd so our services would not be able to sell them.
  6. DFW Area Landscaper

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    I think you'd be better off spending the money on door hangers. Just a gut feeling. Not scientific at all. I considered this also...for about 5 seconds. Just don't think people are going to write down your name and number while at the picture show. Even if they did remember my name, Sprint PCS doesn't list me with directory assistance. If you're in directory assistance...then maybe you would get some calls.

    DFW Area Landscaper
  7. Gene $immons

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    MTD, Its funny, my wife and I were at the movies today & I wondered the same thing. I don't know if it would work well or not. I noticed that most of the advertisers were businesses that were located within the mall, or Banks, Car delears etc..
  8. mtdman

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    Sometimes the advertising you have to do is just for name recognition. The more you get your name out there and heard/seen, the more recoginition you will get when it comes time for them to seek a lawn service.

    Look at mortgage companies. How often do people remortgage or buy a house? Once every 5 years, maybe? Yet the mortgage commercials are shoved down our throat every day. The hope is that when it comes time, you'll remember their name and give them a call. I think it is the same with us. People don't hire lawn companies every day, but when they do you hope the remember you.
  9. Gene $immons

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    Name recognition is important. I also wondered about a billboard along a heavily traveled route. More people might see that for the $$$ spent.
  10. Team Gopher

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    Hi Mtdmaster,

    Here is a quote from this site.

    "Who Sees Your Ad?

    * There are approximately 2 billion moviegoers each year!
    * In 2000 there almost $8,000,000,000 in total gross box-office ticket sales.
    * In the summer or 1985, the top 15 films grossed $.93 billion; in the summer of 1999 the total was $2.3 billion.
    * Recall of on-screen messages is 62%!
    * 92% of moviegoers reported seeing the on-screen program an average of 14 times in the past twelve months!
    * Movie goers spend an average of 14 minutes in their seats waiting for the start of a feature film.
    * Estimated monthly average number of moviegoers (depends on city demographics):
    4 screen theatre- 20,000 to 30,000 viewers
    8 screen theatre- 50,000 to 70,000 viewers
    16 screen theatre- 85,000 to 90,000 viewers
    * 60/40 Skew, leaning more towards the female viewer
    * 75% are ages 18-49
    * 47% are ages 18-34
    * Education: 46% are collage educated
    * Careers: 44% are in professional managerial positions
    * In 1998 the average film marketing cost exceeded $25 million"

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