theft by deception

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by randall800, Mar 29, 2007.

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    I've watched about 1/3'rd of this video and plan on watching the rest for the inevitable revelation, and I really hope this isn't a waste of my time but so far it looks good... Bit boring as the guy seals his point and I'm beginning to understand the reason for his over the line redundant explanation, some patience for sure, but...

    The question I have is this: Who is going first, and how does one go about extricating oneself from paying taxes when a business is registered and one is already paying or has paid before? oh btw, I'm going zzzz now, I can't take it, maybe tomorrow lol.
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    Wow I must've been pretty tired last night to have watched as much of that senseless garbage lol, that guy is a fool if he thinks that due to his cross-interpretation of firearms law and just because sections 861 of the tax code doesn't specifically list 'grass cutting' as a taxable activity that you don't have to pay taxes.

    No? Ok, but I'm not watching the rest of this bore-me-to-sleep video when I can already foresee the inevitable conclusion as either that or some related crap, and you're more than welcome to prove me wrong, but if I'm right then it's tax evasion heh.

    Let me explain the tax code in few words:
    E.v.e.r.y.b.o.d.y. pays taxes on any and all income. Yes, whatever sources means exactly that, save me the boredom next time lol thou I can appreciate being took for a fool, it's not everyday someone gets me like that anymore :laugh:
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    Wow, someone has waaay too much time on their hands. Like I am going to sit through almost abd hour and a half to watch that crap!!

    Hire a good accountant, and thats all you need! :hammerhead:
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    Thanks to everyone for saving me the time.
  6. randall800

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    thinking for oneself is way overated.

    who checks the cpa? do you know if the cpa is correct?

    has your cpa shown you that the 1040 does not have a valid omb ergo is not required to be filed?


    why do you think that my posts are being pulled regarding taxation? they are not being redirected but pulled.

    many are threatened by the facts regarding taxation.
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    Hell yeah I feel threatened by a letter from the IRS regarding bank account seizure and property liens LOL! Look, I tried to outsmart myself with the code before, it's a lot of bs and you can pull it apart but it's all purely argumentative when it simply boils down to all I have to know is e.v.e.r.y.b.o.d.y. pays taxes on any and all sources of income.

    We're just circle jerking, and you can try it on the IRS and it will likely work for some time, I know for a fact stupid is good in this case, but sooner or later you get that 'end of the argument' letter from them that informs you that your house now belongs to the government, and so then what do you do?

    The biggest problem is, you can't even find an attorney to defend you, and if you do it will cost you an arm and a leg and you might still lose in the end... Thou I can see how, if perhaps you paid some attorney say a half a million dollars or so, maybe the judge allows you and only you to not pay any more taxes for the rest of your life (as the judge and your attorney split 10,000 dollars for the attorney's fee and pay themselves each 50,000 for the trouble of filing your tax paperwork for you with the IRS and then send the balance to the IRS to pay off your debt, figuring 390,000 ought to be about right based on the historical data from your income thus far it covers your future taxes as well, yup, you're free to go sir). But you have to hope that really is the end of it lol.
  8. topsites

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    You're right, it is theft by deception, that video clearly outlines how to go about stealing from the government in just such a manner. As for me, it's cheaper to just pay my taxes, way cheaper.

    Perhaps you should be advertising, then you wouldn't have time for this bs.
  9. randall800

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    ....and where did the government get the money that you would be stealing from said government?

    how do you steal from yourself?

    I think the video does a much better job of explaining the code than you do.
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    Oh man.....I started watching this, and before I knew it, I was in a classroom as I felt myself falling deeper and deeper.:sleeping: Then, I could hear this guy saying "A n y o n e?.......A n y o n e......?" Then, I heard him saying. "B u e l l e r.......?.......B u e l l e r .....?.......B u e l l e r ......?"
    Then, I snapped out of it!:eek: :dizzy:

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