Theft, need new backpack blower and trimmers

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by jrsmower, Nov 7, 2013.

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    So unfortunately after 11+ years of mowing commercially, I had a theft. everything was unlocked, trailer, mower, racks etc. Left my Toro mower and trailer and just took my Redmax EBZ8001 blower and bcz2650s weed eater. I guess it's happened to everyone. I am now looking for some new stuff since I don't think I will have a chance of finding my stuff... It was also getting time to get a new weedeater/trimmer.

    I've used echo, stihl, and redmax blowers in the past as well as weed eaters/trimmers. For the past 6 years though all we have been using if Redmax stuff though and I really like the setup of the redmax trimmers... Have had good luck with Redmax, besides my 8001 blower which locked up on me and had to get rebuilt.

    I used to mow commercially all the time but now it's just on the side by myself. I live smack dab in the woods so when this time of the year comes around I have to do leaves about 5 times else it becomes impossible..

    I've read some love/hate reviews about stihl stuff but have not personally used any of their stuff..I definitely need a BIG blower. I've been considering the following blowers.
    Stihl BR600
    Redmax EBZ8500

    Maybe a redmax bcz2650 trimmer..

    Just basically want some opinions since I've been out of the market on new stuff for the past 5 years.. Stuff has changed and I've heard a lot of this new crap is "crap"..

    thanks Josh
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    My br600 is very powerful and lightweight, the best part about it is it starts on the first pull everytime. Almost effortlessly. It is also great on gas
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    Ya, I have blowed my old 8001 vs my father-in-laws BR600 and my redmax had slightly more a$$ then the stihl. The Stihl was lighter though for sure. Maybe a couple lbs and made less noise.

    For me it's more about the power. I do a lot of shrubs and clean-up stuff so blowing rocks, sticks, wet leaves, and wet grass takes some HP from a blower.

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